New Jersey Substance Abuse Treatment For Teens: Get Outpatient After-School Help

Mar 27, 2024

Relevance Behavioral Health’s (866-245-1497) Relevance Teen after-school program is New Jersey’s most multidisciplinary, holistic and evidence-based program for teen substance abuse.

Whether it’s drinking or drugs, if your teenager is abusing substances you need to act, and at Relevance Behavioral Health, you can give your child and your whole family the support you need to heal, recover and rebuild together.

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Introducing Relevance Teen

With Relevance Teen, their holistic and inclusive outpatient program for adolescents, the team of compassionate and experienced mental health professionals at Relevance Behavioral Health believes they can help your son or daughter overcome their addiction and make a full lifelong recovery.

Sadly, the team at Relevance knows that, if left unmanaged and untreated, a substance abuse issue in adolescence can lead to a life of hardship. This means your child may face an increased likelihood of lifetime addiction and mental health issues, an inability to keep gainful employment, and an increased chance of being homeless or living below the poverty line. 

That’s why they stress that intervention is so necessary, and why they are standing by ready and eager to help your family.

Help Your Child With Evidence-Based & Compassionate Counseling

The Relevance Teen after-school outpatient program takes a multidisciplinary approach and uses an extensive array of evidence-based treatment methodologies that are designed to help your teen address the underlying issues that may have led to their reliance on drugs or alcohol, and to help them start rebuilding their life. 

Relevance Behavioral Health understands the pressures of adolescence, including peer pressure, and the difficulty they may have opening up to adults. This is why they have carefully selected their team members for Relevance Teen for both their experience in adolescent psychology and their relatability for young people, and why they privilege group therapy alongside individual counseling. 

A spokesperson for the center said, “At Relevance Teen, we provide evidence-based therapies, counseling, and support groups that empower adolescents to build healthy coping mechanisms and resilience to navigate life’s challenges without turning to substances.” 

Holistic Healing Care & Real Community Creation

In combination with one-on-one, group and family counseling that uses leading therapeutic tools like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Relevance Teen also integrates motivational life coaching. The program will also offer your son or daughter holistic healing therapies like yoga and meditation and art and sound therapy. They will also get to participate in enjoyable group adventure activities like camping trips that will build a sense of camaraderie and genuine connection between them and their new friends.

The spokesperson added, “With a focus on holistic well-being and personalized care, we are committed to guiding adolescents towards a brighter and more fulfilling future. If your teen is in need of compassionate and effective mental health and addiction recovery treatment, look no further than Relevance Teen.”

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