Top New Jersey Outpatient Group Clinic Offers Therapy, Support For OCD Patients

Apr 25, 2024

If you’re struggling with OCD, you’ll find the effective, compassionate, and supportive help you need at the outpatient group clinics available through New Jersey’s premier dual diagnosis treatment center, Relevance Behavioral Health (866-985-5265).

OCD can be incredibly challenging and debilitating. It is the fourth most common psychiatric disorder - after major depression, substance abuse, and specific phobias - that affects an estimated 2.5 million American adults.

If you're struggling with OCD, there is help.

Relevance Behavioral Health, New Jersey’s renowned dual diagnosis treatment center, offers effective treatments, guidance, and compassionate support through their outpatient group clinics. Reach out for the help you deserve and let’s get you on the path to recovery. Learn more and connect with a specialist now, at 


The outpatient clinics available through Relevance Behavioral Health offer comprehensive, integrative, and holistic treatments customized to address the unique challenges you're facing. Their goal is to provide personalized care that considers the whole you, not just your disorder. This is where you'll find the recovery you yearn for through healthier coping mechanisms and thought patterns.


OCD is a mental health condition characterized by persistent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions), and repetitive behaviors or mental acts (compulsions). These obsessions and compulsions can significantly disrupt your daily life, causing distress, anxiety, and social withdrawal. The group clinics at Relevance Behavioral Health provide accurate, up-to-date information about the nature of OCD and a range of leading treatment options you can learn about and pursue.

Here's what a spokesperson for the outpatient group clinics wants you to know:

“OCD can manifest in countless ways, and its impact varies from person to person. We’re dedicated to shedding light on this often-misunderstood condition, offering insights, guidance, and support to those who are affected by it.”

From excessive or ritualized hand washing, repeated cleaning of household objects, and the ordering or arranging of things in a particular way to repeatedly checking locks, switches, appliances, doors, etc., the range of behaviors that can characterize OCD is broad.

The therapists at Relevance Behavioral Health will work closely with you to understand the intricacies of your personal struggles for the development of a customized treatment plan.


The group therapy clinics available through Relevance Behavioral Health provide a safe and welcoming space for you to connect with others who share similar challenges, helping you gain insight, support, and helpful encouragement from your peers. Through sharing with others and listening to their struggles, these clinics create the opportunity for personal growth and the development of healthy life skills for long-term recovery.

Relevance Behavioral Health also offers a range of evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy which identifies and challenges the negative thought patterns and beliefs contributing to your OCD, and exposure and response therapy which gradually exposes you to your OCD triggers while preventing a compulsive response.

These are but two of the many therapies the clinicians at Relevance can go over with you.

Alternative therapies that incorporate mindfulness techniques, stress management strategies, and lifestyle adjustments are also offered to promote your overall mental health and resilience.

Are your struggles with OCD severely impacting your quality of life? Through the outpatient group clinics at Relevance Behavioral Health, you'll receive a comprehensive range of empowering treatment options, as well as the guidance and support you need to help you reclaim your life.

Let's turn the page on your OCD so you can lead the happy, healthy, and rewarding life you deserve. Learn more about Relevance Behavioral Health and their approach to treatment for wellness, at

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