New Google Maps SEO System Improves 3-Pack Results For Scottsdale, AZ Businesses

Jul 29, 2021

Google Maps only lists businesses in the immediate vicinity of a local search, but the new Omni Maps Protocol service from Phoenix SEO Geek (480-842-5055) can help Scottsdale, Arizona, business listings to appear across the broad metropolitan area.

Is your business missing out on clients through Google Maps? Phoenix, Arizona-based search engine optimization specialist Phoenix SEO Geek has launched its Omni Maps Protocol (TM) technology for local businesses in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, and surrounding areas.

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Utilizing a 203-step process formulated over many years, the recently launched system provides your business with what Phoenix SEO Geek refers to as ‘local place authority’ (TM); a significantly greater degree of Google Map visibility throughout the surrounding metropolitan area.

According to statistics reported by the online magazine SocialMediaToday, the Google Maps application has around 5 billion downloads and approximately 1 billion monthly users. Searches using some variation of the term “near me” grew by almost 100% from 2019 to 2020.

The above statistics help to illustrate the increasing importance of location in traditional search engine optimization approaches, with Google Maps playing a central role. Having provided expert Map SEO services since 2005, Phoenix SEO Geek now offers Omni Maps Protocol as a means for your business to improve its local footprint.

In response to searches for products or services “near me”, Google Maps provides you with business listings in the immediate vicinity, based on your current location. From a business marketing and SEO standpoint, that vicinity can be relatively limited, meaning that your business may not be visible in searches that are occurring in neighboring city districts.

The new ‘local place authority’ (TM) services from Phoenix SEO Geek addresses this limitation, helping you to appear across a much broader portion of the metropolitan area, as well as achieving higher rankings in those search results.

As previously outlined, local searches are increasingly important from a search engine optimization perspective. The recently launched services are designed to help you enhance your visibility and ultimately generate an increase in business. Phoenix SEO Geek suggests that the new Omni Maps Protocol (TM) can provide your business with the highest return on investment compared to any other internet marketing channel.

A company representative stated: “After spending years creating, developing, testing, and implementing various internet marketing and web design systems with the assistance of my incredibly talented Phoenix SEO agency, we’ve created entirely new marketing services that stand alone in being able to help our clients.”

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