New Children’s Book Series Teaches Self-Love & Importance Of Mental Health

Nov 10, 2021

Effective Fulfillment, LLC. is offering a new mental health program for children that includes a book series called, “The ABCs of Mental Health”. The program attempts to de-stigmatize mental illness and promote self-love among the young.

It is never too early to start a conversation with your kids about their mental health. In fact, many experts say that the earlier they become aware that these conditions exist, the easier it will be for them to seek out help in the future if they need it.

We’re introducing a new book series that will help you easily and effectively teach your children about different psychiatric conditions and how it is okay to not be okay. The “ABCs of Mental Health” written by Esther Kparyea explains that the young need to learn how to practice self-love at an early age so that they can grow to be happily adjusted adults in the future.

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The new books offered by Effective Fulfillment, LLC. address a growing need to help kids understand their mental health. Numerous studies have noted a rising number of teenage depression and suicide due to social pressures brought by social media, cyberbullying, and the lack of connectedness caused by the pandemic.

Experts suggest that unless otherwise informed, kids may not understand what they are feeling and not seek appropriate assistance. Further, children suffering from depression or anxiety may feel ashamed of their feelings as a sign of “weakness” or not being “accepted” by their families. 

The “ABCs of Mental Health” explores different psychiatric disorders and is written in a way that your child will understand. Each volume features multicultural characters to promote inclusion and encourage young people from all ethnicities to understand that mental illness can affect anyone. The series also discusses various types of interventions to promote education on medication, talk therapy, and other alternative treatments.

The book also includes other items to help normalize mental health disorders in children, such as affirmation magnets, crisis plan bookmarks, a daily routine checklist, a weekly task list poster, coping skills, emergency flashcards, and stress balls, among others. The whole set can be purchased at 

The book series is written for kids aged six to 12, but can also be a useful resource for anyone interested in learning more about mental health.

Esther Kparyea, LCSW is an experienced mental health children’s writer and behavioral health advocate. For the last 15 years, she has worked towards the de-stigmatization of psychiatric disorders and the importance of self-love, especially for the young.

The best way to protect your child is by educating them on the realities of life. Go to so you can learn more. 

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