From Homeless to Group Home Owner Extraordinaire: The Story of Esther Kparyea

Apr 14, 2024

Esther and her team now offer a one-of-a-kind program targeted at minority entrepreneurs who often struggle to obtain business loans for startups. The program allows savvy entrepreneurs passionate about behavioral health the opportunity to establish their group home within the Best Care Network, gain capital, and learn the trade to eventually open their own homes.

Esther Kparyea, Co-Owner of Effective Fulfillment with husband, and Partner at Best Care Consulting, did not know she would be responsible for so many people's financial stability and security. Growing up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood in Kansas City, MO. she often felt the lack of security as she lived in the homes of family members and sometimes even with friends of family. After making a decision at age 8 to change her family tree she graduated with a Master of Social Work at age 22 and would begin working in psychiatric hospitals and on crisis teams. Esther realized her passion was rooted in solution-based outcomes therefore by the time a person was in crisis it appeared too late. Due to her big picture thinking she very quickly advanced in her career and was given the opportunity to be the Assistant Residential and Inpatient Administrator of a small town clinic where she would learn the inner workings of Adult Behavioral Residential Facilities. Esther eventually teamed up with Best Care Behavioral Homes first as their Chief Clinical Officer. After doubling their home inventory within one a year, and helping the company generate millions, they decided to expand, and the Affiliate program was born.

Esther and her team now offer a one-of-a-kind program targeted at minority entrepreneurs who often struggle to obtain business loans for startups. The program allows savvy entrepreneurs passionate about behavioral health the opportunity to establish their business within the Best Care Network in order to gain capital, while learning the trade to eventually open their own homes. During the year her husband was deployed Esther grew her mental health business and expanded to co-own of Effective Homes, the part of her business where she owns and operates adult behavioral homes for individuals diagnosed with serious mental illness. The entire initiative has provided over seventy jobs to rural and minority communities which were not affected by the recent pandemic of 2020. Currently, the affiliate program has five houses with plans to expand to 20 within three years. Esther has not only assisted entrepreneurs indirectly, but also has taken everything she learned in Behavioral Health and given back through her business Effective Fulfillment Clinical Services where she assists group homes with compliance and training in order and assists new graduates with obtaining skills and knowledge to navigate through the Behavioral Health System by providing Clinical Supervision at reduced rates.

About Esther Kparyea

Esther's Key Accomplishments:

Assisted five multimillion dollar companies increase revenue through process improvement strategies.

Mastered how to build wealth and generated almost a million dollars in the infancy stages of her business

Owned and/or operated 15 successful group homes by 30-years-old.

Esther Kparyea is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over ten years of experience in Behavioral Health and Crisis Management. She found her calling in Inpatient and Residential facilities becoming an Assistant Hospital Administrator and Director of Social Work and Crisis within five years of graduation. Known for her creative problem solving; Esther realized her skills could impact her environment in a major way by keeping individuals out of crisis and psychiatric settings. Thereby, becoming the “Group Home Guru.” This passion and determination led her to launch Effective Fulfillment, LLC., which is a full-service agency specializing in coaching individuals with launching their own group homes and other supervised housing facilities. Her program helps business owners learn how to effectively find, manage, and operate highly profitable facilities of their own. 

Esther overcame a stutter, through creative problem solving as a child, to become a subject matter expert speaker. Hence, she hosts the Annual Se Habla Slam to encourage young people to speak their destinies into existence and recognize the importance of developing emotional and financial security. Always one to give back, Esther wrote a new book, “Resilience: 7 Keys to Unlocking the Power Within You,” which is about turning life’s disadvantages into advantages using the resources you were born with, and helps people unlock a life of fulfillment. She also has a children’s book, “Eiza’s Super Gift,” which is one girl’s journey to understanding the importance of self. 

Esther graduated, with honors, from the University of Kansas. She resides in Arizona with her hero husband, a Sgt. First Class, SFC in the U.S. Army. She takes pride in coaching military families, which she began during one of her husband’s year long deployments. She is also a super mom to her two high-achieving daughters. 

Esther has a podcast and also travels the world speaking ad teaching. Her most requested speaking topics include:

Resilience: 7 Keys to Unlocking the Power Within You

Million Dollar Group Home: How to Effectively Manage & Grow a Successful Mental Health Business

Passion without Poverty: A Social Worker’s Guide to Manifesting Millions in the Mental Health Industry

Family, Finances & Fulfillment: A Workaholics Journey to Work Life Balance

At Ease: 7 Strategies to Monetize Separation and Build Wealth 

Untying The Yellow Ribbon: Decoding Life after Deployment 

To connect with Esther contact: [email protected] or visit

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