New Blockchain Powered Digital Asset Building Racing Car Game Released

May 12, 2018

Cryptocarz is developing a platform to integrate VR technology together with Blockchain technology in an order to produce a truly unique and fun gaming experience.

  • new blockchain powered digital asset building racing car game released
  • new blockchain powered digital asset building racing car game released

A new revolutionary platform, Cryptocarz, has announced its to introduce virtual cars tradable as tokens, and is based on bringing together and merging Blockchain technology, virtual reality and gaming. Cryptocarz invites users to race in a multiplayer, fully immersive Virtual Reality-enabled racing experience with a twist, to race, players need to own or rent a virtual car. Each car represents a token built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC721 token allowing users to create an online digital asset in the form of a non-fungible token which increases in rareness and value with the more time invested into the game.

More information can be found at:

In 1895, the world was gifted when France held the world’s first race from Paris to Bordeaux and back, a total distance of 1,178km with an average speed of 24kmph. The basic race structure since has not undergone any major changes. Typically, millions are invested in creating the best race car possible but the risks to the driver will always be inherent. Cryptocarz intends to change it all.

The new platform incorporates fully immersive virtual reality technology together with allowing users to build and develop their very own cars and invite friends to race or even attend competitive E-Sport Arena Tournaments events to test their skills against other pros. Cyrptocarz eliminates both the high danger and costs of racing.

Crytpocarz also has a garage feature which allows for the storage of collected virtual cars and the ability to customise and mod them. Cryptocarz also intends to offer new mods and kits frequently allowing the further personalisation of user’s virtual cars. Although this seems exciting, the really exciting feature of Cryptocarz is that each unique collectable car is represented by an ERC721 token which gains in value the more time users invest which means you get paid as you sit, game and play.

“We think digital collectibles, and all of the games they enable, will be one of, if not the first big consumer use cases for blockchain technologies.” – Fred Wilson, American Businessman, Venture Capitalist and Co-founder of Union Square Venture.

“ERC721 will be for non-fungibles what ERC20 was for fungibles. Expect a mass proliferation, starting on top of Ethereum.” – Chris Burniske, Former Lead at Arkinvest, Author of Cryptoassests and Partner at Placeholder.

Crytpocarz is the first major venture of Blockchain Studios, a joint venture by Active Genes, Diginex and Shadow Factory. Although Crytpocarz has announced they are related to other popular cryptocurrencies, they are yet to announce other partners.

As a natural progression from other successful games such as CrpytoKitties and any other game which invite players to invest hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours into them Cryptocarz represents a bright future of games and expresses one of the many ways Blockchain technology will progress our future.

Full details can be found on the URL above.

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