New Bedford Vitamin Infusion Clinic Offers IV Therapy For Weight Loss & Fitness

Jul 5, 2023

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Thrive IV ((508) 848-8089) offers personalized IV therapy treatments designed to support your unique fitness goals and promote healthy weight loss.

If you're into fitness, you probably already take supplements to support your active lifestyle. But did you know that much of the strength of oral supplements is lost during digestion?

Thrive IV can create a vitamin and mineral cocktail just for you and issue it intravenously, meaning it's delivered at full strength directly into the bloodstream for optimum absorption!

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✦ Dehydration & IV Therapy Benefits✦

While dehydration is often due to an acute experience like exercise or vomiting, it can also build gradually over time and become a chronic issue. Prolonged dehydration can cause poor concentration, headaches, constipation, or potentially lead to impaired heart, digestive, or kidney function.

According to Sports Medicine Weekly, IV nutrient therapy can decrease the time needed for recovery after workouts. Particularly, IV drips that include vitamin C, glutathione, and zinc can reduce inflammation around micro-tears in the muscles. Intravenous nutrient therapy that specifically includes vitamin B12, amino acids, and magnesium can also support muscle growth.

✦ Thrive IV Therapy ✦

Thrive IV's infusion therapy can help replenish nutrients in the bloodstream and prevent dehydration. Compared to oral consumption of these substances, receiving them intravenously allows for a faster absorption process as they are delivered directly into the bloodstream.

The practice's IV nutrition therapy can support healthy levels of the vitamins and minerals most affected by exercise-induced perspiration: selenium, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and vitamins B and C.

Thrive IV can provide a hydrating nutrient infusion ranging from one to four hours either as a single visit or in a short series of visits spaced out over a few weeks. During infusion sessions, you'll be seated in a comfortable recliner in a softly lit room with positive music playing. Thrive IV's physicians will monitor your vital signs and adjust your treatment as needed.

Thrive IV can also tailor your IV therapy to address issues like immunity, detox, and more. The physicians at Thrive IV can even support weight loss by creating an IV treatment plan that specifically targets the metabolism and energy levels.

✦ About Thrive IV ✦

Founded by Dr. Michael Pellegrino, Thrive IV provides adjunctive and complementary ketamine and nutrition IV therapy for patients who could not find relief through conventional approaches. Dr. Michael Pellegrino has been practicing medicine in the Southern Massachusetts area since 1996 and has studied and administered ketamine treatments for years.

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