Dartmouth Ketamine Infusions Ensure Long-Term Reduction Of Veteran PTSD Symptoms

Feb 20, 2024

If you’re struggling with PTSD following your military career, call the Thrive IV team at +1-508-848-8089. They offer leading-edge adjunctive ketamine IV treatments to reduce symptoms!

Ketamine is being called one of the medical breakthroughs of the century because of its fast-acting relief for a range of mental health conditions. If you're a military veteran dealing with PTSD, you should consider it as a way of helping you live a happier, healthier life!

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Thrive IV offers both low-dose and high-dose sessions depending on your needs - an adjunctive solution that you can combine with your traditional medication and therapy work. The specialists work in tandem with existing care teams to help each plan the most effective route to lasting symptom relief.

Reduce PTSD symptoms in 40 minutes

The standard program, which is suitable for most veterans with PTSD, is a one-hour, low-dose treatment with 40 minutes of active infusion, followed by 20 minutes of recovery time. You have a check-in with the doctor ahead of each treatment, and doses can be adjusted over time to maintain optimal effectiveness.

Numerous studies have demonstrated ketamine's ability to quickly improve mood, sleep quality, and feelings of well-being in patients with treatment-resistant mental health conditions. Researchers believe ketamine induces synaptic plasticity and repairs neural connections damaged by chronic stress and trauma.

Perfect for treatment-resistant conditions

According to the National Institute of Health, PTSD affects approximately 13.5% of military veterans who served in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thrive IV notes that many struggle for years to manage their symptoms with conventional pharmaceuticals before finding relief through alternative treatments, and this is where its ketamine program can help - reducing the emotional numbing, anxiety, and depression associated with PTSD.

While the standard low-dose infusion is effective for most patients, Thrive IV also offers a more concentrated formula with an extended 60-minute infusion time and 40 minutes of active recovery. This higher dose option allows you to reach an enhanced psychedelic state while under the close supervision of Thrive IV's trained medical staff.

Combine ketamine with standard treatments

Ketamine treatments can be combined with vitamin therapies to improve mental clarity, energy levels, immunity, and overall wellness.

A spokesperson states: “Ketamine infusions are a revolutionary fast, safe, and highly effective adjunctive treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other psychiatric disorders, as well as for a variety of chronic pain conditions. Dr. Michael Pellegrino has studied the use of ketamine for years and administered it many hundreds of times at anesthetic doses but has also seen the psychiatric and pain relief benefits it offers.”

Don’t let the impact of deployment prevent you from living a happy, healthy life at home.

Check out https://www.thriveiv.net/ to manage your PTSD symptoms!

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