New Bedford Clinic Offers Ketamine IV Therapy For Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Jun 16, 2023

Whether you’ve been trying to treat your anxiety to no avail or you’ve finally decided to seek treatment, Thrive IV ((508) 848-8089) offers FDA-approved ketamine IV therapy that is clinically proven to decrease the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Your feelings of anxiety aren't your fault and, though they may often feel impossible to overcome, there is growing evidence that ketamine can provide the relief you crave.

Thrive IV's board-certified physicians can work with you to create a personalized ketamine IV therapy plan so you can take a big step toward your own peace of mind.

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✦ A Bit About Ketamine ✦

Ketamine has been used globally in surgery and emergency rooms as a dissociative anesthetic since it was discovered in 1962. Recent studies have shown ketamine to significantly reduce feelings of anxiety in patients diagnosed with both generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD).

In these studies, participants were reported as having no adverse side effects to their intravenous ketamine treatment. Studies have also shown ketamine IV therapy to be particularly successful in decreasing symptoms for patients diagnosed with anxious depression.

✦ Ketamine, Anxiety, & Thrive IV ✦

With around 42.5 million adults in the U.S. diagnosed with anxiety disorders, Thrive IV aims to provide an alternative, reliable treatment for these issues. FDA-approved, Ketamine IV therapy interacts with unique neural pathways that affect multiple neurotransmitters, which can help patients struggling with anxious ideation to develop new thought patterns. This treatment option is clinically proven to improve mental health and well-being for recipients by 70-80%.

During an initial consultation, the physicians at Thrive IV will discuss with you your medical history, current symptoms, previous treatment attempts, and goals to determine whether you are a good candidate for ketamine IV therapy.

Most Thrive IV patients with mood disorders receive at least six infusions over a 2-3 week period; however, the practice's ketamine IV therapy is tailored to your diagnosis. The practice's physicians can include adjunctive medications, vitamins, and nutrients in your personalized IV treatment if appropriate.

✦ About Thrive IV ✦

Founded by Dr. Michael Pellegrino, Thrive IV is dedicated to providing safe, effective treatments for residents of Dartmouth and the surrounding community who have previously struggled to find relief from chronic conditions. In addition to anxiety, the practice provides ketamine IV therapy for PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, chronic nerve pain, and other health concerns. Dr. Pellegrino has been serving the Southeastern Massachusetts community since 1996.

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