New Animation App Released To Help Vancouver Business To Develop Video Ads

Jun 24, 2021

A New Video Animation App Helps Vancouver businesses save in advertising costs, we just made it easy to produce your own video ads for your company.

" A new and exciting development in the Video Animation Industry has created a solution for the small business to develop their own video ads to promote their businesses. Getting customers to return to their downtown shops will be a challenge around the globe for any business at this time. Most businesses do not have the extra money to invest in video ads or marketing following the COVID shutdowns, so they will have to rely on their own creativity, the Human Synthesys Studio is the tool to help you with that" Says Oliver Goodwin.

Video Marketing to social channels gives any business a boost in exposure to their local area as well as outlying areas of their towns or cities. The video ads industry had been booming with custom production that could be costly for the average small business. Videos on Youtube Channels and Facebook Pages are a common place, your prospects and regular customers are prompted by excitement and entertainment value that video commercials provide, these are very important in drawing the right attention to your business and are key to promoting your products and services.

If you are relatively new to using Video Ads for your business, you won't have to worry about putting yourself out there, and most people are just not comfortable with doing this, you want to leave it to professional actors or spokespersons. The Human Synthesys Studio provides you with up to 50 human like characters and voices that will do the speaking and marketing for you.

The technology released in June of 2021 has many remarkable features that will make your productions look professional. The characters are developed from real actors, so their video presence comes out as real as it gets without having to pay actors and voice-over artists. The Human Synthesys Studio is the work of developer, Oliver Goodwin and professional voice-over artist, Todd Gross.

Todd Gross is the most sought after voice-over artist in the internet marketing industry and he feels " This technology is going to take away a lot of my business!" The company has also produced a likeliness of Todd and his famous voice as one of the special packages that you can buy.

The software is very easy to use explains Mr. Goodwin " You just select a character, male or female, select an appropriate background and start typing in your custom script in a box, and then add some back-ground music. You listen to the script and voice, there are many professional sounding voices to choose from, and if you like what you hear, your just send to our cloud to render the project"

Once the video is rendered, you just download to your computer and start sharing it on your favourite channels. If your audience likes the video, they will share with their family and friends. This is the best exposure for your business right now and you will be very proud of your own productions and it didn't cost you dime, it just took some creativity and some time.

There are custom features to the software such as; adding your own images for the background. You can take some photos or videos of your business and use these as your custom background. You can also use your own voice, record your script on your mobile phone and upload to the software, you can also ask one of your employees to be your feature spokesperson if you are not comfortable doing this.

This an amazing opportunity for your business right now, for more information on this advancement in video production, go to our website and purchase today, you will not regret this purchase when you start to realize how much you are saving. Our website is:



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