launched new styles of their best-seller LED shoes

Mar 22, 2017

Discover the brightest neon LED light up shoes available by visiting Neon Sneaker’s website ( Get the best quality with the fastest shipping and find the best offers for the entire family!

  • neonsneaker com launched new styles of their best seller led shoes
  • neonsneaker com launched new styles of their best seller led shoes
  • neonsneaker com launched new styles of their best seller led shoes

Neon Sneaker, an online shoes and accessories store, have launched a new range of LED light up shoes.The company is run by a small but passionate team in California whose main goal is to bring the highest quality LED shoes to the market.

Their range of LED light up shoes come in hundreds of different style and in many colors for adults and for kids. Different styles include hi-tops and running styles, while colors range from everyday black and reds through to the brightest, shiny gold, patterned and neon glow shoes.Always striving to improve the brightness and durability of their shoes, they now offer a new range of styles and re-stocked their best sellers. The new styles include black runners shoes and neon colored sneakers (in white, pink and green).

These light-up sneakers use the best quality materials that last longer than cheaper versions available, they are water-resistant and USB chargeable with LED lights that last for 6-8 hours. Every shoe lights up at the sole in seven different colors that can be controlled by a button inside the shoe. The wearer can have one color at a time or can have them switched to a multi light sequence. The shoes LED colors are red, yellow, green, blue, purple, aqua and white.

The online store also stocks a range of accessories including replacement batteries for the LED shoes, phone cases and shoelaces. The shoelaces are an ideal accessory for customizing the look of the LED light up shoes even further, with options available including rainbow neon laces and glow in the dark laces. Along with the new range of sneakers they are running a Spring Sale Offer ("Buy 2 for $100"). Their products can be worn by dancers, bikers, skaters, runners, for festival or competitions or just for fun!

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