Need Flexible Car Insurance? This Agency Offers Custom Policies

Apr 21, 2021

Looking for affordable car insurance policies in Laredo? Go to Pronto Insurance and let their agents help you customize your policy to get the coverage you need at the best rates.

Car Insurance can be pretty expensive, and sometimes you end up with a coverage that you don’t even need. Pronto Insurance can offer you affordable policies that you can customize to fit your needs!

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The leading Texas insurance service provider seeks to offer its clients a wide scope of auto insurance policies with flexible options and customization.

Finding a good insurance policy with enough coverage and within a reasonable budget can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with auto insurance. Experienced insurance agents can provide the necessary assistance to ensure you obtain the insurance policy that best fits your vehicle’s needs and your budget.

Pronto Insurance specializes in providing customizable policies to enable you to get the coverage you need at an affordable price. They have several packages available, and you have the option to purchase additional coverage such as collision coverage, personal injury protection, roadside assistance, and more.

Their essential package is designed to cover auto liability, and it is available in form of a one, two, three, six-month, and one-year policy. Additional coverage can be added to the essential policy, including uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Collision coverage is also available as part of the comprehensive package.

The agents at Pronto Insurance can provide you with expert guidance to ensure you obtain the most affordable policy that will satisfy your needs. You can use the company website to get a free quote on your policy before you decide to sign on to an insurance plan.

The recently announced launch is in line with the agency’s long-standing commitment to providing clients in Texas, California, and Illinois with affordable car insurance coverage that fits their needs and budget.

Founded in South Texas in 1997, Pronto Insurance has since expanded to 160 locations across Texas, California, and Illinois. They are the leading provider of affordable and customized auto insurance policies.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “Since our foundation, we have been committed to providing high-value insurance products with competitive pricing, superior claims handling, and excellent customer service.”

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