Natural Detox With Whole Food Meal Plans To Relieve Chronic Fatigue In Boston

Aug 4, 2023

Did you know that chronic fatigue is often directly linked to the gut? Poe Holistic Health in Boston offers organic purification and cleansing programs to improve your gut health and increase your energy levels.

Feeling exhausted all the time is... well, exhausting. Constant digestive problems aren't any better. Recent studies have revealed the link between these two chronic issues.

Luckily, Poe Holistic Health can provide nutritional purification treatments to help restore a healthy gut microbiome, improve sleep, & boost your energy.

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✦ The Brain, The Gut, & The Tiredness ✦

Multiple recent studies have found there is a direct link between an imbalanced gut microbiome and fragmented sleep, which can lead to chronic fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome causes many patients to experience regular headaches, cognitive challenges, and mood problems, with the majority of CFS patients also diagnosed with gastrointestinal dysfunction. In a recent study published by the National Institute of Health, the high frequency of co-morbidities in CFS suggests that it cannot be linked to a single organ, but rather to an integrative system such as the brain-gut axis.

With an estimated 2.5 million Americans currently struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and millions more experiencing excessive tiredness, Poe Holistic Health offers all-natural treatment options that include purification, detoxing, and nutritional support.

✦ How Poe Holistic Health Can Help ✦

Poe Holistic Health's treatments include organic whole-food purification and cleansing solutions that can increase energy and vitality and support healthy sleep and cognitive function. The clinic uses structured nutritional programs from Standard Process, a company that grows the majority of its ingredients on its certified organic 623-acre farm. These raw food ingredients have not been exposed to any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs.

Among the Standard Process programs used by Poe Holistic Health is the 21-Day Purification Program Kit which includes a cleanse made from whole food and botanical ingredients that promote toxin removal. This kit also includes Gastro-Fiber capsules which provide natural fiber sources to improve your digestion. With regular, healthy bowel movements, the gut is able to discard the bad bacteria that's been causing toxicity, discomfort, and exhaustion. This allows good bacteria and gut flora to flourish, improving sleep, energy, mood, and overall health.

✦ About Poe Holistic Health ✦

Poe Holistic Health is a natural wellness center in Shrewsbury, MA that provides a range of alternative and adjunctive health treatments. The clinic's founder, Dr. Kristen Poe, holds a post-graduate diploma in holistic health, a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine, and a doctorate in Naprapathy. Dr. Poe's mission is "to help people find alternative means to improve their lives using natural, non-invasive, and holistic methods."

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