National Vs. Local SEO: In-Depth Guide Explains Differences & Ranking Factors

Nov 7, 2023

Local SEO Tips covers general search engine optimization strategies in comparison to taking a local approach in this detailed guide!

Search engine optimization is the foundation on which your online empire is built. Targeting is important – especially if you're a small business. Luckily for you, Local SEO Tips is covering the main difference between general keywords and local ones in this expert guide!

If you're looking for a way to improve your brand awareness, it's hard to beat relying on the tried-and-tested approach of good old keyword-rich content. Let's dive in!

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At HubSpot's Inbound 2022 user conference last year, one of the biggest concerns was SEO - in large part due to the challenges of changing algorithms. Understanding location targeting basics is important if you want to achieve prominent positions in search results, and the guide assists with this.

With organic search accounting for over half of website traffic in 2023, Local SEO Tips' latest piece emphasizes that having an effective local SEO strategy is imperative - especially for small businesses. It provides actionable advice to improve local search visibility and connect with nearby customers.

The guide covers foundational local SEO tasks like optimizing on-page elements for target keywords, claiming and managing your business profile listings, building local citations, and proactively monitoring and responding to your Google reviews. It also stresses the importance of optimizing content around keywords that include your business name, location, and relevant local intent phrases.

In addition, it focuses on how keyword targeting for local SEO differs from general SEO. While general SEO involves broader industry keywords, local SEO requires a tight focus on geographic and service-related keywords tailored to a specific market. The guide provides tips for researching and selecting localized keywords that will drive qualified traffic.

Proper implementation of on-page optimization and off-page local SEO factors can significantly improve your local search rankings. However, the guide notes that consistent NAP (name, address, phone) details are one of the most vital ranking factors for local search visibility. Keeping NAP information updated and consistent across directories and citations provides important signals to search engines.

A spokesperson states: "When it comes to local SEO, it's all about being visible to potential customers in your immediate vicinity. By conducting organic traffic analysis, you can identify which areas are bringing in the most visitors and tailor your content to meet their needs."

Do you want to rank higher for your local business? Growth starts with the right SEO strategy!

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