Utility Bill Savings Service Helps Career Transitioners Reduce Monthly Expenses

May 1, 2024

Thanks to Recession Resister you can save bill on your bills this month and every month after that. It is free to get started with this no-save, no-pay service, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you’re looking for actionable insights and real solutions to cut your expenses, Recession Resister has a bill savings service that is going to change your monthly budget for the better.

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Lower Your Expenses While You Look For Work

Recession Resister is specifically reaching out to career transitioners like you with their new bill-saving service, which they have called simply Bill Saver. The team of leading financial experts behind Recession Resister knows that if you’re looking for work, you are probably fighting rising costs and need to reduce your expenses while you search for a new job.

If you’re one of the 57 million Americans US who are in an unstable or temporary gig work arrangement without income predictability or stability, Recession Resister is also here for you.

Introducing Bill Saver, A Smart & Effective Way To Save

Recession Resister is proud to be bringing you Bill Saver, which they have designed to be a smart, effective and fast way to reduce your expenses. With Bill Saver, you simply need to upload your bills onto the Recession Resister webpage and then wait for their team to negotiate better rates on your behalf. 

Recession Resister says that the majority of customers who use their platform save over $1,000 annually on their bills, including their energy, water, phone, internet, TV, satellite and security bills... a sum that can really make a difference when you’re out of work.

Audit & Renegotiate Your Bills & Utilities

Through Bill Saver, you can have your old bills audited, looking for undisclosed rate rises and other errors that can be refunded. You can also have all your bills renegotiated.

Recession Resister will aim to get you both a cheaper rate and a better service.

A Cost-Effective Way To See If You’re Overpaying

As Bill Saver is designed specifically for people who need to improve their budget sustainability, Recession Resister offers the service on a no-save, no-pay basis. This means there is no upfront or ongoing cost to you; Recession Resister will only deduct their fee if they generate enough savings for you.

As a financial firm that specializes in utilities and bills, Recession Resister has seen that most Americans are paying more than they should, and they are committed to showing you how you can get more for less.

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