Free Speech AI For iPhone & Android: Unbiased Chatbot Without Liberal Propaganda

Nov 14, 2023

Gippr AI offers a welcome change from the pervasive liberal propaganda in search and media, says app creator TUSK.

Exploring Diverse Perspectives with Free Speech AI Chatbot

With ChatGPT labeled "woke" and Google leaning left, where can those looking for unbiased information use AI to explore ideas and seek answers?

Meet Gippr AI by TUSK - a chatbot app available on iPhone, Android, and web browsers that pledges to offer a platform for free and open discussion. This initiative comes amid discussions about behind-the-scenes censorship on major platforms and seeks to provide a haven for users across the political spectrum to engage with content in a free, uncensored environment.

What is Gippr AI?

Gippr AI is an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot that positions itself as an ideal ground for fact-based conversations. It's designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information in a way that is inclusive of all political orientations. The app is inspired by the ethos of free speech and open debate - and while it's named after Ronald Reagan's famous nickname, it is not affilitaed with any political party.

Features and Accessibility

Gippr AI is created for those who seek an alternative to the mainstream AI chat platforms. Here are some key features:

  • Unbiased Information Access: Users have the opportunity to inquire and receive responses that are not filtered through the standard liberal lens.
  • Diverse Political Perspectives: The platform does not affiliate with any political party, aiming to represent a broad range of viewpoints.
  • User-friendly Interface: The sleek design makes chatting easy, and the app is available on iOS, Android, and on desktop platforms at

The Vision Behind TUSK

Gippr AI is part of TUSK's broader mission to support the free exchange of ideas and unrestricted access to information. TUSK, founded by University of South Cal American History Major Jeff Bermant, encompasses a suite of tools including TUSK Search and TUSK Browser, which collectively aim to empower users to engage with and understand political bias in media content.

The organization upholds the values of independent thought and open discourse, offering tools that resonate with users regardless of their political leanings.

For individuals who value multiple perspectives and wish to explore topics in an open environment, TUSK Search allows users to filter content based on political orientation, thereby empowering information consumers to actively engage with political bias in online content.

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