Nashville’s Best Asphalt Repair Company Fills Potholes & Resurfaces Pavement

May 17, 2023

Is the parking lot of your business a hazard for your customers? If so, you need to let Gaddes Strategic LLC (615-866-2795) in Nashville take a look at it for you!

Before customers even step foot in your business, they have to navigate your parking lot and street. This means that they have to not only be esthetically appealing but functional too. No other company in Nashville is better at ensuring your parking lots and streets check both boxes than Gaddes Strategic LLC!

Their services provide you with affordable, long-lasting options for keeping your parking lots and streets attractive, safe, and up to code. The company offers a variety of solutions, including asphalt repairs, patching, sealcoating, resurfacing, and repaving.

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The constantly changing weather in Nashville causes much damage to parking lots and streets. The freeze-thaw cycle of rainwater and snow, in particular, makes asphalt rapidly expand and contract, which leads to ruts, cracks, and potholes developing. If left unrepaired, these issues pose significant risks to the public and could even result in more significant structural damage.

With its services, Gaddes Strategic LLC is helping you address these problems before they become more dangerous. It offers a number of solutions depending on the size and severity of the problem.

It can perform asphalt repairs and patching to fill small and mid-size cracks, holes, and depressions. If your entire parking lot or street needs to be done, then resurfacing or repaving is recommended. With resurfacing, a topcoat or overlay is applied to the existing asphalt, whereas with repaving, the existing asphalt is dug up and an entirely new pavement is put in.

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In addition to parking lot repair and street patching, Gaddes Strategic LLC also does asphalt trench repair. Asphalt trenches occur when the asphalt surrounding an underground pipe or electrical system is dug up so utility contractors can access them. The experts at Gaddes Strategic LLC re-fill these trenches when work is completed and they also repair any existing trenches that may be damaged.

There are many benefits to repairing parking lots and streets. Not only does the esthetic of the pavement significantly increase but by association it makes the property as a whole look much more attractive. It also saves you a lot of potential hassle having to deal with injuries, claims, and other liabilities caused by unsafe pavement.

“Winter conditions can be tough on parking lots and streets, and you may begin to uncover cracks, crevices, and potholes that a quick patch can’t fix,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We offer permanent asphalt patch services for your business, ensuring that the safety and appearance of your parking lot or street are never lacking.”

To hire Gaddes Strategic LLC to repair your parking lot or street you can call them at the number provided in the description or fill out a request form on their website. It's worth noting, that the timing of your repair impacts both the cost and the longevity of your parking lot or street. For example, asphalt patching is best done in the shoulder season (early spring or late fall) for optimal results.

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