Nashville Asphalt Paving Contractor Offers Parking Lot Striping & Sealcoating

Jul 27, 2023

If you want high-quality asphalt pavement installed or a parking lot resurfaced, call Gaddes Strategic LLC (615-866-2795)! They serve businesses in Nashville and throughout Davidson County.

When your clients visit your business, your driveway and parking lot are the first things they see. And at this moment, what can be more aesthetically pleasing than fresh asphalt with shiny stripes?

Is your asphalt parking lot feeling a bit run-down? Is it going through a rough patch? Or cracking under pressure? It's time to give it some TLC! If you want an asphalt pavement contractor that really goes the extra mile, call Gaddes Strategic.

Asphalt pavement typically lasts between 10 and 25 years, according to a recent study, with proper installation and maintenance ensuring maximum longevity. Gaddes Strategic offers you high-quality materials and the latest preparation and installation techniques for a smooth and long-lasting asphalt surface.

Of course, asphalt paving is a significant investment for your business, and if it is installed incorrectly, the surface may become uneven and develop cracks over time, leading to costly repairs. And we definitely don't want that! Gaddes Strategic uses high-quality aggregates, binders, and additives, and its team has the expertise to ensure the aesthetic appeal, structural strength, and longevity of the surface.

“In addition to the aesthetic enhancement that comes with a new blacktop surface, businesses can also enjoy improved drainage and extended pavement life,” says a company representative. “This, in turn, saves money on regular maintenance and repairs that would otherwise be required if neglected over time.”

Gaddes Strategic emphasizes the importance of maintenance for the prevention of damage. During routine inspections with professional equipment, the team identifies cracks and other problems at an early stage, and can patch the asphalt and apply sealcoat to extend its useful life.

The company also offers you full-service parking lot resurfacing, including sealcoating, striping, and Thermoplastic marking. Although it is a more expensive option in comparison with repairs or pothole patching, it creates a smooth surface and a new look that can significantly improve the curb appeal of your property. Gaddes Strategic typically completes parking lot resurfacing projects in 5-7 days.

If you have minor surface damage but do not need your asphalt replaced, the contractors offer pothole repairs using hot mix asphalt or cold patching and crack sealing with a rubberized sealant. The company also warns you about the signs showing that the surface may need full replacement, such as alligator cracks, pothole clusters, excessive rutting, and blotchy or faded appearance due to long-term UV exposure. So if you see any of those, call Gaddes Strategic right away! They will smooth things out and pave your way to an outstanding business reputation.

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