Nail Tech and Manicure Desk Sneeze Guards for Salons and Counters Now Available

May 12, 2020

USA Safe Shield is offering Free Shipping on all Orders Nationwide For High Grade Plexiglass Sneeze Guards to be Used in Nail Salons

USA Safe Shield is a manufacturer in Golden, Colorado providing Sneeze Guards and Shields as a protective barrier for businesses nationwide. They specialize in sneeze guards for nail salons and to go on manicure tables for Nail Technicians in need during this Pandemic of COVID 19.

More information can be found here:

Our Safe Shields and Sneeze Guards are used in any business setting that interacts with customers or patients in person, providing adding security for all parties. All shields provide a dense closure against unexpected coughs and saliva. A favorite feature from customers has been the convenience of assembly and maintenance, as all our shields can be made portable and free standing.

Fan favorite Nail Tech Sneeze Guard is great for your Nail Salon and manicure table and counter. USA Safe Shield’s Sneeze Guards and Germ Guards are made of High Grade Plexiglass, and you can use to your desired nail salon table shield position. Help your customers and employees feel more secure with your acrylic sneeze shield!

Dave J, who owns a local business, left this feedback on their website,”We have a gas station and are considered essential to stay open. Since we deal directly with customers we need to take as many precautions as possible for the safety of our customers and employees. Safe Shield added the security for both, and the install was quick and easy.”

USA Safe Shield is also offering FREE SHIPPING (UPS 3 Day Shipping) nationwide with every purchase during this time as well, to ensure business owners and customers are getting the supplies they need to re-open as soon as possible. When cleaning your shields, be sure to not use any cleaner containing ammonia. There are special cleaners you can find that are safe to acrylic and plexiglass that you can find online, or using a soft cloth with warm water and soap has been suggested as well.

Follow this link for more details about USA Safe Shields Nail Tech Sneeze Guard for a manicure table and desk:

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