Colorado Company Produces Custom Orders For Businesses Needing Cashier and Germ Guards

Apr 8, 2020

Installing Safe Shields helps protect against the spreading of germs.

USA Safe Shields newly launched Cashier Germ Guards to help small and large businesses improve health and safety precautions right now. These shields are manufactured in Colorado USA and can be custom sized to your specific needs. They look professional and are designed to maintain safe distancing recommended by Covid-19 experts.

A spokesperson for the company stated “We saw the need for PPE because of the severity of the situation our nation and world is in right now. Viruses are spreading at an alarming rate, and providing an affordable and high quality shield is more important than ever.”

This benefits the employees and customers giving them better PPE in the work place and common places such as grocery stores and gas stations. Times can feel fearful right now and having a USA Safe Shield in place can provide more comfort and help consumers feel more protected. Their goal is to supply business areas with USA Safe Shields to help protect employees and customers everywhere.

More information can be found at

Exploring their website you will find that the shields are made from acrylic plastic, known as Plexiglas. Simple instructions and tutorial are provided to make it easy for set up and installation. Once you receive your shield, it’s out of the box and set up within a matter of minutes.

Owner Bill Muff stated, “We wanted to help our fellow business owners and have made our product extremely affordable to everyone. We feel it is more important to have these shields in as many areas as possible and are focused on the well being of our country.”

Bill had decided to halt production with his custom cabinet shop to help with the demand for the Personal Protection Equipment that is needed urgently during this Covid-19 Pandemic. “Our team is aware of the Covid crisis and the need for employers to pride PPE. Because of the shortage in protective gear and resources we are stepping up to produce these Safety Shields for our fellow Americans”, said co-founder Dezaree Porter.

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or calling 303-424-0055.

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