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May 30, 2020

We at MotorCity Concepts have proven methods when it comes to advertising on Facebook and Google. Contact us today and lets see if we can grow your business.

I have been able to keep my clients service, who were deemed essential, during this pandemic at the forefront of paying customers. This has been accomplished through sending quality leads to our clients via Facebook advertising & Google advertising. The secret ingredient in my formula for success stems from my ability to target the correct audience who are searching for my clients services.

With economies reopening and my customers at top of search results we have doubled and in some cases have tripled our clients revenue. Your business needs to be advertising on Facebook & Google to thrive in this ever changing environment. Word of mouth is great and we can expound on that by getting your company in front of the right people.

I believe the most important concept when it comes to successfully advertising on these platforms stems from targeting. For example, with incorrect targeting it would be like a plumbing supply company trying to sell plumbing equipment to an electrician. Sure that electrician owns a home and probably could use a new faucet, but that is not the audience who would be in need of plumbing equipment everyday in order to grow that business.I have proven methods to target the correct audience on Facebook advertising and Google advertising in many niches. Let me help you achieve your goals today.

We believe many companies are wasting their time and money on trying to figure out how to advertise on these large platforms. You should leave it to the experts at MotorCity Concepts where we have proven methods. I run reports for my clients monthly, so that I can show you where the leads are coming from and how I qualify them before my clients even have a conversation with the prospect.

We are currently serving small businesses in Michigan and are proud to be their partners in growing their business.

Schedule a call today with the digital marketing experts on Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, or SEO for your company today.

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