Mother Heals Coughs and Sore Throats Naturally With This Little-Known Spray

Dec 3, 2019

If you need fast-acting, natural, homeopathic relief from sore throats and coughs, this new sore throat remedy is for you! Called “Wonder Spray”, it fights virus’ and bacteria and provides unmatched results for children of all ages.

  • mother heals coughs and sore throats naturally with this little known spray
  • mother heals coughs and sore throats naturally with this little known spray

A breakthrough new cough and sore throat spray has been launched, called “Wonder Spray”, that is designed to combat bronchitis symptoms, coughs, and dry, painful throats. Cough and sore throat season is coming, and this natural spray gives customers the chance to protect themselves from Sore Throats and Cough’s caused by virus’, allergies, dry air, smoke, chemicals, irritants and strep.

More detailed information can be found on the Wonder Spray website

The recently launched “Wonder Spray” can help mothers, parents and childcare workers across the country to protect themselves and the children they care for with one small 2oz First-aid bottle that can easily be stored in any purse or medicine cabinet.

It is an “FDA cleared” spray, with a key ingredient that is the same substance found in white blood cells that the body uses to combat pathogens. Wonder Spray can help with throat pain from scratchiness, irritation, swallowing, swollen glands, runny nose and more.

The specially formulated new spray can combat viral infections, which are the most frequent cause of a sore throat in children.

Wonder Spray has a unique active ingredient that will kill the pathogens it encounters on contact. This means that customers can spray it into their mouth towards the back of the throat, and it will help to combat any issues.

One of the key features behind the newly launched spray is this major ingredient. It allows the spray to target the particular microbe responsible for sore throats and eliminate it cleanly.

This key ingredient is called Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which helps to soothe and heal the throat. Clinical studies have shown that HOCL can reliably kill pathogens on contact.

Wonder Spray has been developed to be easily tolerated by the body, helping to ensure the best results when used. It is natural, non-toxic, fast-acting and safe for kids of any age including babies/infants and toddlers and can provide relief for coughs of all kinds and is more effective than cough drops, cough syrup, honey, OTC cough medicine, breathing steam, gargling, Echinacea and other common home remedies.

Wonder Spray comes in Five (5) different sizes and delivery methods:

* 2oz First-Aid Bottle

* 8oz Family Size Bottle

* 2oz + 8oz Bottles Combo Pack

* Nebulizer (for chest cough)

* Nebulizer + 2oz First-Aid Bottle

The company states: “Most sore throats are caused by viruses, but the more serious varieties are often bacterial infections. Knowing which is the key to applying most of the commonly used medical solutions. But what if you didn’t need to guess, and instead had the peace of mind of knowing your chosen remedy was highly effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria? That’s one of the remarkable benefits of Wonder Spray.”

At the first sign of a sore throat, spray Wonder Spray into your mouth towards the back of your throat. Whether your infection is caused by a viral or bacterial strain, the active ingredient in Wonder Spray (HOCL) will kill the pathogens it encounters on contact. Each time you spray, you will dramatically reduce the number of these microbial invaders in your throat and nose, easing your symptoms and shortening their duration. Natural and non-toxic, Wonder Spray works safely and effectively to restore, relieve and heal.

For customers looking for the best home remedy for a sore throat, how to cure sore throats instantly, and what can cure a sore throat overnight, Wonder Spray can work wonders for all types of coughs and sore throats.

Full details can be found

But coughs and sore throats are not the only thing that “Wonder Spray” can help heal…

Attention Acne Sufferers! Suffer no more! 

Discover the new all-natural breakthrough solution that harnesses and magnifies the germ destroying properties of your body’s white blood cells.  

Practically seeking out and destroying every strand of harmful toxins and nasty bacteria that affect the skin and body like a heat-seeking missile.  

Including the very same bacteria responsible for those dreaded, annoying, and embarrassing pimples, zits, and unsightly skin blemishes you hate most.  

HydroxyChloride or HOCL is your body’s natural germ killer.  

HOCL is the chemical substance our white blood cells use to kill germs, fungus, and bacteria. As well as prevent infection of an open cut, sore, or wound allowing you to heal and recover faster.  

But amazingly the antipathogenic properties of HOCL were discovered nearly a century and ½ ago and used as an effective wound treatment for soldiers during WWI.  

And sadly beyond that HOCL received little to no mainstream attention until many years later when one researcher specializing in diabetic skin and wound care research… Dr. John Burd P.H.D. and author, came across HOCL as a potential solution for diabetes sufferers.  

And he was completely blown away by the what HOCL could do.  

Dr. Burd was so impressed with the early research and studies conducted on HOCL that he invested thousands of dollars performing additional studies. 

His goal was to ensure that HOCL could, in fact, be effective before recommending it as a first-AID treatment for diabetics suffering frequent painful skin breaks or open wounds that often don’t heal properly and can take much longer to heal.  

So how does a solution designed for wound cleansing and first-aid become a revolutionary breakthrough for blackheads, skin blemishes, and clogged pores? keep watching to discover the answer…     

Because something INCREDIBLE happened through Dr. Burd’s research. Not only did he discover that HOCL was a HIGHLY effective treatment for diabetic wound care and first-aid cuts and scrapes.  

But he also discovered the reason why the anti-pathogenic effect of HOCL is so strong, is because germs and bacteria are unable to form or build-up a resistance to HOCL and die immediately after being exposed.  

Imagine what it would be like to be able to instantly kill off the bacteria infecting and invading your skin causing your acne.  

This was a huge discovery that left Dr. Burd and many of his colleagues wondering why little attention had ever been given to this miracle pathogen-destroyer of the skin and body.    

Armed with his research Dr. Burd went on to develop the newest FDA cleared solution in first-aid cleansing and healing that is now, after over 100 years finally available to the public.  

Introducing Wonderspray your all-natural multi-purpose germ killer in a bottle. Formulated with pure HOCL, Wonderspray’s incredible applications include;    

Treatment for sores, cuts, bruises, burns, sunburns, and scrapes 

Soothing dry eye and pinkeye relief 

Anti-itch solution for insect bites and stings 

Allergy Symptom Relief 

Diaper Rash Relief For babies

Works as a natural underarm deodorant  

Halt’s gingivitis and stops bad breath dead in its tracks 

Eradicates viruses, colds, and flu including strep throat.   

And last but certainly not least Wonder Spray effectively obliterates the germs and bacteria that cause your acne breakouts and skin blemishes. 

Wonder Spray targets the bacteria, oil, and sediments clogging your pores, killing and cleansing those harmful nasties without drying out or causing further irritation to your skin.   

And despite being a natural organic substance that is 100% safe, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic to human tissues… The antipathogenic effects of Wonder Sprayare 100x more powerful than bleach at killing bacteria, viruses, yeast, and even mold… yes MOLD!  

Wonderspray saves you the frustration of bad, oily skin and breakouts… 

In an easy to use convenient spray Wonderspray saves you time as it can be administered rapidly…

And while priced affordably Wonder Spray also even saves you money! 

Picture yourself with the picture perfect face, finally having the acne defense you need and the clear skin you’ve always wanted, while also eliminating half the items in your medicine cabinet.  

Say goodbye to the extra clutter and goodbye to the extra cost for good. 

Wonder Spray is your total skin and body complete healing solution, a truly one of a kind, safe, and affordable product that delivers prescription-strength aid without a prescription.   

Available in 2 convenient sizes Wonder Spray is practically free when you consider all the uses and benefits to you and your family.  

Click below right now to get Wonderspray delivered straight to your door. And for a limited time, you can get your hands on a bottle of Wonder Spray today with FREE shipping.  

Plus for diabetes sufferers we’ll also include a complimentary copy of Dr. Burd’s book:  

IN SEARCH OF NATURAL SUPPORT FOR DIABETES WELLBEING – The Discovery Of Lysulin… a $24.00 value yours FREE when you order today.  

But that’s not all because with our 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the skin clearing antipathogenic first-aid healing properties of Wonder Spray we’ll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.  

So get ready to say goodbye to the cabinet clutter, and say goodbye to acne solutions that don’t work.  

And say hello to the only multipurpose first aid and acne solution of it’s kind, with powerful all-natural ingredients guaranteed to work for you or your money back!   

Wonder Spray! 

With all its many uses it’s no wonder why we all love Wonder Spray!  

Click the following link to place your order at the lowest price anywhere on the internet…

Parents and Childcare Workers… Wonder Spray will Save Your Day

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