California Ph.D. Shares Secret Natural Remedy to Treat Eye Irritations

Jan 27, 2020

California Ph.D. Shares Previously Ignored Solution to Treat Eye Irritations Of All Kinds Leveraging the Body’s Own Natural Healing Processes

  • california ph d shares secret natural remedy to treat eye irritations
  • california ph d shares secret natural remedy to treat eye irritations

Last month, when Dr. John F. Burd CEO at Wonder Spray announced the release of Wonder Spray, he also announced that the ground breaking First Aid Spray for Wound Care can also safely, naturally, treat eye irritations including pink eye, redness and conjunctivitis safely, even in children and toddlers.

It may seem strange, but your diet can help you prevent some eye problems. High amounts of C and E vitamins can help prevent macular degeneration and other diseases. Nuts and vegetables are wonderful sources to get these nutrients. Also, Lack of sleep is the major culprit that invites many eye problems. When you sleep less even for one hour, your eyes reflect it.

Wonder Spray’s wonder ingredient (HOCL) has been shown to kill pathogens on contact. HOCL is essentially kryptonite for the average microbe. A Published 2014 Study that concluded HOCL is “an ideal wound care agent,” also found that in its trial, “All microorganisms were killed within 0 minutes and accurate killing time was 12 seconds.” With pathogens so easily vanquished, the body can heal the wound using its own natural timetable, quickly and cleanly…. but it does so, with a difference.

Dr Burd followed with “we wanted to try something new with Wonder Spray. Anyone familiar with the Health market will probably have noticed how many other firms offer HOCL-based products but do not fully understand the Science behind it. Dr. John Burd is a Pioneer in the medical application of HOCL. This is a problem because most Eye Specialists don’t understand the value of HOCL.”

What is HOCL called?

HydrOxyChloride (HOCL) is what our white blood cells produce and use to combat pathogens. Backed by scientific peer-reviewed research, HOCL destroys bacteria, yeasts, fungus, mold, and viruses, yet is safe and ideal for wound and skin management. Wonder Spray is manufactured through a patented electrolysis process that uses only pure salt and ultra-filtered water resulting in a natural, safe, stable, hypoallergenic, nontoxic and yet effective solution to Eye Irritations of all kinds. Wonder Spray is perfect for soothing minor eye irritations like redness and itchiness as well as more serious issues that don’t require urgent medical care.

What does HOCL do?

HOCL is lethal to every pathogen known to man but completely harmless to humans and other mammals. It is a disinfectant that is 100 to 300 times more effective than bleach yet is nontoxic and non-irritating! Bacteria cannot develop resistance to it – in fact, in scientific tests it has killed every pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, etc) which it has been scientifically tested against. Not only is hypochlorous acid an amazing disinfectant but it also speeds up healing.

What is HOCL used for?

The Benefits of HOCL include:

• Speeds up healing of eye tissue

• Disinfects wounds, cuts and burns

• Kills bacteria and viruses on contact including e.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, HIV, and MRSA

• Kills fungi and molds

• Isn’t harmful to humans or animals

• Non-irritating, non-stinging

The possible uses of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) include:

• Eye infections

• Wound healing and disinfection

• Ear infections

• Sore throats

• Flu’s or other illnesses

• Food poisoning

While many people search the Internet with terms like “eye doctor near me” for quick relief of their eye irritations and issues, Wonder Spray can be purchased online with overnight delivery and is a critical component in anyone’s First Aid Kit including keeping the handy 2oz version in a Mother’s purse, medicine cabinet, first aid kits and the trunk of your car.

There is a wide variety of specialized eye solutions can help someone with minor issues but none that pack the natural pathogen fighting power that HOCL does. This easy to use Spray has been proven to heal better than home remedies or most of the remedies on your Pharmacists shelves.

Can Wonder Spray with HOCL treat Eye Allergies?

Yes. Symptoms of eye allergies include sensitivity to light, temporary blurriness, burning or tearing of the eyes, and red, swollen, or itchy eyes. The good news for patients is symptoms of eye allergies are not usually dangerous and may go away on their own or as soon as the exposure to the irritant subsides.

Can Wonder Spray with HOCL treat Pink Eye?

Yes. Bacteria, viruses, or allergies can cause pink eye. Viral and bacterial pink eye are both highly contagious. As children do not have fully developed immune systems, they are more susceptible to contract eye infections. Contact with other young children in school or daycare, rubbing their eyes, and poorly developed tear drainage can all lead to infection and irritation. One of the most common infections in young children is conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Can Wonder Spray with HOCL treat Eye Redness?

Yes. Conjunctivitis is the most common cause of red eye and is one of the leading indications for antibiotics.1 Causes of conjunctivitis may be infectious (e.g., viral, bacterial, chlamydial) or noninfectious (e.g., allergies, irritants).2 Most cases of viral and bacterial conjunctivitis are self-limiting. Other common causes of red eye include blepharitis, corneal abrasion, foreign body, subconjunctival hemorrhage, keratitis, iritis, glaucoma, chemical burn, and scleritis.

Can Wonder Spray with HOCL treat Dry Eye issues?

Dry eye is common for older people. Including omega-3 fatty acids in your diet can be beneficial. Exposing your eyes to air that is too hot or too cold can cause eye problems. Keep air vents pointed away from your eyes, and avoid air vents at work.

Regardless of your Eye Issues, make sure to get enough sleep to let your body do it’s best to heal your issues naturally. Sleep, with Wonder Spray, can heal most every eye irritation but if you still have issues that aren’t improving after 72 hours make sure to visit your local Eye Physician to keep your eyes healthy throughout your life.

Where can I buy HOCL (Wonder Spray)?

You can learn more about, and purchase, Wonder Spray, online now at

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