Montreal’s Best Custom Pillow Manufacturer Makes Butterfly-Shaped Gift Throws

Dec 19, 2023

If someone you know has a fascination with butterflies, why not get them a butterfly-shaped pillow from Montreal-based pillow manufacturer Pilloo as a gift?

Butterflies are majestic and vibrant insects! Seeing one, with its unique wing patterns and colours, is an experience all to itself. Now, thanks to Pilloo, you can have that experience every day!

The Montreal-based pillow manufacturer's butterfly collection features eight pillows with high-quality sublimation prints of different butterfly species. The pillows are ideal for lepidopterists, nature lovers, and people who are interested in insects and bugs.

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The butterflies depicted in Pilloo’s collection come in many different colours and wing patterns. If you're wanting something cooler and relaxing there are options like the Butterfly Blue and Yellow pillow and the Butterfly in Pink pillow. If you are looking for something a bit more kaleidoscopic and unique, the Fire Orange Butterfly pillow, which features a butterfly with a hypnotizing wing pattern resembling the eyes of a cat, is also available.

While most of the butterflies are shown either prone or supine, Pilloo also has a couple of pillows where they are displayed from a side profile. For example, the Dreamy Tones Butterfly pillow depicts a turquoise and orange butterfly mid-flight. All of the pillows—no matter the position of the butterfly—are cut in the shape of the butterfly.

The shells of the pillows are made using 100% polyester and soft velvet, and they are filled with high-quality stuffing materials. For printing, an innovative sublimation technique is preferred in which the designs are transferred onto the fabric using heat. The inks and resins used in this technique are all non-toxic, making the pillows safe for children and pets.

In addition to being made using eco-friendly materials and techniques, the pillows are also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. They can also be washed in the washing machine without the fear of colours running, images distorting, or the shape changing.

“We recently redecorated my daughter’s bedroom and she wanted it to have a butterfly theme,” said a satisfied customer. “We ordered a couple of butterfly-shaped pillows from Pilloo to lay on her bed and she absolutely loves them. They’re soft and fluffy, and the prints are life-like. Now she can’t sleep without them.”

You can purchase one of Pilloo’s butterfly-shaped pillows by visiting their website. The pillows are available in three sizes and generally arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

If you want a pillow showing a butterfly species that isn't offered in Pilloo's collection, you also have the option to customize your own pillow. With this option, you upload a high-quality image to Pilloo's online design tool, adjust the image as you see fit, and then generate a mock-up. Once the mock-up is generated, you have the chance to make any final adjustments before submitting your order.

About Pilloo

Pilloo has been providing customers across North America with high-quality huggable memories since 1999. All of their pillows are individually handcrafted in Montreal using eco-friendly materials and techniques.

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