Montreal Online Aesthetics School: Best MedSpa Training Without Qualifications

Jul 28, 2023

Looking for a new career, but don’t have time for school? The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy (647-247-2481) can get you fully trained, certified, and experienced in a new career in just a few months – and you don’t even have to quit your old job

Are you stuck in a dead-end job, with no way out in sight?

It's a tale as old as time, and it rarely finishes with a happy ending - but all that is changing.

The world is a different place now than it was even a dozen years ago, and that's a big deal if you're looking to upgrade your career.

For example, some of the biggest barriers for many students are time and money - how can you afford to go back to school when you need to quit your job to have time to go, but you also need to pay rent and buy groceries?

The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy has almost completely eliminated those barriers, or at least found a great way around them. They just took all the classwork - and put it online.

Easy, right? Now, their students can work online, at any time, at their own pace, to complete all the book-learning portions of the class.

If you want to know a bit more about how it works, just visit

Obviously, they can't fully train you to work in a MedSpa entirely over the internet - let's be realistic here. They can get you pretty darn close though - and then there's an easy trick for the last bit.

Once you've got all your book learning done, you just schedule the practical training at the nearest Dermysk Academy, to complete the course. Depending on the course, you'll probably have to do about one week of in-class, hands-on training - and then you'll be fully certified, and ready to work.

Here's how it works.

During the online training, you'll learn about the physics and biology involved in a wide range of popular aesthetic procedures, such as laser hair or tattoo removal. You will also learn about the legal, hygiene, and regulatory considerations for working in or operating a MedSpa, and several proven, industry-specific business strategies - these might come in handy later.

What might surprise you, is that the Basic training program is enough to allow you to begin working in a MedSpa immediately after graduation, and the course also includes all the training and certification required to start a small business.

Yes, that's right - one training course, and you can run your own MedSpa, although you'll only be certified in the standard techniques, not the more difficult stuff. If you want to learn the hard stuff, you're gonna have to go back for a second course.

In the Advanced course, you will learn popular techniques like laser gynecology, and regenerative procedures like Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments. This program also includes training in CoolSculpting, which uses cold temperatures to non-invasively reshape your client’s physique. It's a bit like being able to sculpt a human, and you get to help them reach their exact, ideal shape, without any surgery, which is super cool.

If you think the Advanced course is awesome, you'll love this next one then.

They also offer a Master-level training program, which includes certification in all of the techniques taught in both the Basic and Advanced courses, as well as exclusive training not found elsewhere. Basically, it's all of their training, plus some extra, all in one course.

It's kind of intense, and maybe not for everyone - but if you want to take your MedSpa career all the way to the top, this is the way to do it, fast. It's also the only way to unlock an ultra-rare achievement and receive a "Master Of Medical Aesthetics" certificate, which is surprisingly uncommon, even among clinic owners.

But hey, I just want you to know your options.

If this is an option that interests you, it's easy to find out more.

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