MN Trail Riders Offers Off-Road Bike Resource Guide With Tips & Tricks For Kids

Nov 9, 2022

The US’ biggest dirt biking collective, MN Trail Riders, has a new online guide to dirt bikes and trail riding that has been written for young beginner riders and their parents.

MN Trail Riders Offers Off-Road Bike Resource Guide With Tips & Tricks For Kids

If your son or daughter has a need for speed, and a desire to dirt bike, MN Trail Riders knows you’re going to want to equip them with the basic safety and how-to info first.

That’s why their new informative online guide and blog contains the core essentials that you and your child will need to know to get started in the fun and expansive world of dirt biking. MN Trail Riders’ resource covers all the basic how-to’s, parts and vehicle knowledge, all of which is written in simple, plain English so that readers of all ages and all dirt bike experience levels can understand it.

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The launch of their new online resource coincides with the continued rise in popularity of dirt biking, off-road biking and motocross in the USA. As a recent article on Augusta Free Press explained, the US currently hosts the largest number of dirt biking enthusiasts in the world, and the industry is expected to grow by 7% in the next two years to a value of USD$1,412.5 million.

With dirt biking increasingly prolific and entrenched in motorcycle and auto culture in the USA, MN Trail Riders appreciates that young riders are ever keener to join in the fun, often at younger ages.

As such, they are proud to be sharing their expertise and advice with beginner riders and you, their parents. If you are looking for reviews and recommendations on bikes and essential gear and for beginner-friendly tutorials about the proper technique for trail riding, they are here to help.

In their virtual educational resource, MN Trail Riders have tried to simplify and summarize all the core information and vehicle knowledge they possess in order to equip both you and your kids with the tools and know-how you need to get started on your off-road adventures.

Recent posts on their constantly updated blog that you can read include ‘How To Ride A Dirt Bike With Clutch’, ‘How To Tighten A Chain On A Dirt Bike’, ‘How Fast Does A 250cc Dirt Bike Go?’, and more.

MN Trail Riders was founded by a collective of dirt bike, mountain bike, e-bike and ATV enthusiasts who are proud to be a part of the growing off-road community in the US.

A spokesperson for the educational platform said, “If you’re looking for a new hobby for you or your kids, we cannot recommend off-roading enough. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, MN Trail Riders has something for everyone. We have created this website in the hopes of showing you all the best trails around the USA, as well as tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your riding experience.”

MN Trail Riders believes that dirt biking is wholesome and adrenaline-raising fun that your whole family can enjoy.

Visit to learn from the best trail riders in the country and discover how you and your kids can get started with this adventurous and exciting hobby.

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