Miami/Pensacola Solar Installation Experts Provide Assistance For Businesses

Aug 10, 2023

Want to own your energy instead of paying enormous monthly electrical bills? Call Sunny Day Solar (850)2927900 or (305)-215-7354 so the company’s solar experts can help your business take advantage of new tax incentives and grants.

Skyrocketing electrical costs can truly harm your business's bottom line. While solar may seem enticing, you may be worried about investing large sums of money into an energy source you are unfamiliar with. The expert team at Sunny Day Solar helps business owners take advantage of new tax incentives and grant programs so they can achieve energy independence at an incredibly low cost.

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Tax credit and bonus depreciation incentives will allow you to write off the vast majority of your solar panel costs. Sunny Day Solar's expert team will tailor solar installation to your company's individualized needs.

Businesses are increasingly turning to solar energy. Data from the Solar Energy Industries Association’s Annual Report showed that about half of all solar capacity installed for American corporations has occurred since 2020. Sunny Day Solar’s tax incentives allow local businesses to compete with major companies by providing an incredibly affordable pathway to solar energy freedom.

The company provides in-house grant writing services designed to secure the funding you need to offset the vast majority of your solar install costs. Sunny Day Solar finds that its typical commercial client sees a return on their investment in just two or three years. Since the company sells solar panels instead of leasing them, you will entirely own your solar panels.

If you are an agribusiness entrepreneur, you can benefit greatly from solar panels and the incentives Sunny Day Solar offers. The company can help you save at least $1,000 a month on energy costs. Some customers even become solar farmers who make residual incomes through farming the sun with the company's panels.

The tax incentives and grants are just some of the many financial advantages Sunny Day Solar can offer you. The company provides military and cash discounts. Sunny Day Solar also furnishes no-money-down financing with competitive interest rates and payment plans.

About Sunny Day Solar

Sunny Day Solar has provided solar panel installation for more than 28 years. The Florida-owned-and-operated company was founded by Marc Hager - a former union-trained electrician and contractor. He currently serves as Sunny Day Solar’s CEO, overseeing expertly trained solar energy professionals. Each member of his installation team is certified by at least one of The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners or The Solar Energy Industries Association.

A local Florida customer reviewed Sunny Day Solar’s installation services, stating, “The installation process is super easy and the customer service is always so helpful when I have questions. This company is great for anyone who wants to go green and save money on energy at the same time.”

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