Miami-Dade: Get Financing For A Roof Replacement From This Top Roofing Company

Sep 13, 2023

Looking for the best roof replacement in Miami-Dade County to protect your home’s cover? Big G Roofing (305-800-2444) is a rafter above the rest.

While Florida’s home insurance requirements may seem to blow with the wind, you can be assured that these Miami roofing experts are as steady, durable, and dependable as they come!

So, if you want to protect or lower your insurance premium, improve your home’s value, and protect your property from unpredictable weather, you need to give Big G Roofing a call!

What’s more, their services are offered at affordable rates, and you can even get financing for your projects!

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In response to roofing legislation changes in the state of Florida, the contractor is offering comprehensive roofing services that include a wide range of replacements for homeowners.

As Big G Roofing notes, Florida law allows insurers to mandate that homeowners obtain annual inspections for non-metal roofs to ensure they can withstand the elements. To avoid higher premiums or coverage refusal, homeowners may be required to repair or replace roofs that are older than 15 years and replace roofs with 5 years of remaining life.

Big G Roofing offers roofing systems in a wide range of materials to suit your durability, maintenance, life expectancy, environmental and energy-efficiency requirements.

For high wind and fire resistance, you can opt for a metal roof. The lightweight material can reduce stress on a building’s structure and allow for fast installation. As a heat-reflective material, metal is also an ideal choice to keep homes cool and lower energy bills in Florida’s hot climate.

For superior durability and performance, the contractors offer tile roofs. Resistant to hail, moisture, algae and moss, extreme temperatures, and winds of up to 150 mph, clay tiles boast expected lifespans of over 50 years.

Big G Roofing’s other replacement options include shingle roofs in various colors, styles, and designs. Made from waterproof asphalt, shingle roofs provide good protection from heat, humidity, and rain.

The company also offers expertise in slate, solar, rubber, cedar, and flat roofing systems. Shrink wrapping and 24/7 emergency repair services are available.

Big G Roofing has provided residential and commercial roofing services for over 25 years. The company serves customers throughout Miami-Dade County.

A satisfied customer said: “Big G Roofing is prompt, professional, and thorough. They completed the roof repair work the day after I signed the contract. I received before and after pictures of the roof and was pleased with their work.”

For affordable roof replacements in Miami-Dade County, call Big G Roofing today at 305-800-2444!

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