Mediterranean Blue & Ivory 25 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Has the Summer Feel

Jul 20, 2023

London’s Mayfairsilk has the most luxurious pure and natural silk on the UK market and a new designer summer 2023 collection that will have you sleeping soundly all year round.

Give your bedroom the feeling of a luxury Airbnb on Mykonos with Mayfairsilk and their summer 2023 bedding collection!

The centrepiece of Mayfairsilk’s summer line is their palm tree print pillowcase. Called The Palms, this pure Mulberry silk pillowcase gives you a crisp ivory backdrop with a Mediterranean blue-hued palm tree print and an elegant matte finish. Like all of Mayfairsilk’s bedding, the pillowcase has been handcrafted using the finest 25-momme grade silk.

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Mayfairsilk knows that, if you live in the UK, you undoubtedly dream of summer all year long and probably want to bring the feeling of your Mediterranean summer holidays home with you. Now that the longer and brighter days of summer have arrived, Mayfairsilk has created a pillowcase that they believe evokes the palm tree-lined boulevards of sunny Barcelona in the quintessential colours of Santorini and the Greek Islands, so that you can enjoy that feeling of summer tranquillity all year round.

Their new pillow, The Palms, is available to you in both a generous Super King size, which measures 50x90cm and in a Standard size, which measures 50x75cm. It is made in a classic envelope style from 25 momme Mulberry silk, which is the highest grade 6A long-fibre silk available. Mayfairsilk also uses completely natural dues, which means their bedding is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®.

If you are new to silk bedding, Mayfairsilk recommends a silk pillowcase, like The Palms design, as a first trial piece. As they explain, silk bedding is soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating.

Silk pillowcases and bedding have also been proven to improve your sleep, hydrate your skin and improve your hair’s lustre and texture.

That’s why, with their summer-inspired palm tree design, Mayfairsilk are also offering you a new 30-day sleep guarantee, which means you can trial your new silk bedding for a 30-day period and then have the opportunity to return it if you do not feel it is fit for purpose.

Mayfairsilk has become one of the most renowned silk houses in London and they ship their silk bedding across the United Kingdom.

A spokesperson for the silk makers said, “The Palms, a limited edition design, instils your slumber routine with a sprinkle of tropical calm and Mediterranean allure. This unique design for our silk pillowcase showcases refined palms in 2023’s trending colour - Mediterranean Blue - etched against a flawless ivory canvas. It’s an aesthetic uplift that whisks you to a tranquil seaside retreat, the instant your head meets the pillow.”

Sleep as wonderfully as you do on summer holidays every night of the year, with Mayfairsilk!

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