Maximize Deductions By Joining This Tax Software Masterclass For Business Owners

Mar 29, 2024

With Mashi Epting, you can break through the barriers you’re facing in your business and get expert guidance on tax preparation and tax management through this 1-to-1 mastermind!

Struggling with a tax problem and not sure where to turn? Don't keep banging your head against the wall – book a Zoom call with Mashi Epting, the tax, business, and marketing expert who can help to supercharge your growth!

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Get up to date on all things tax

According to a recent survey conducted by TaxSlayer, 57% of Americans lack confidence in their understanding of taxes - which is why Mashi aims to alleviate the anxiety and confusion surrounding it through guidance on tax preparation, bookkeeping, tax mitigation, and more.

The Zoom call is the latest in a series of offerings available through her website, with other options ranging from software training to 2-hour, in-person mentoring. She describes herself as a multi-faceted business mogul and regularly works with clients across sectors to help them achieve their growth goals.

Expert guidance tailored to your situation

You will finish the masterclass with a better understanding of how to effectively manage your taxes, giving you the freedom and focus you need to more effectively succeed - and because it's a 1-to-1 call, all the advice is centered on your own personal situation and the issues you face.

In addition to her tax coaching and consulting services, Mashi also offers web development, marketing, and business advice. She has created a range of services within these fields, helping you overcome obstacles and thrive in your respective industry.

Learn & grow with tips from a business mogul

Alongside this, she can help with business formation, mental well-being, and physical therapy as part of her well-rounded, holistic approach to support - empowering you to achieve success on multiple fronts, both personally and professionally.

A spokesperson states: “With the masterclass, you can elevate your understanding of tax law and regulations while mastering essential business practices, making the value of this unmatched - a truly bespoke experience.”

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