Martha’s Vineyard Restaurant Marketing Strategy: Local Advertising Consulting

Jun 17, 2024

So, you got the dishes, you got the flavors, you got the staff but still your restaurant isn’t busy? Time to fix your marketing! Do it the easy way with a company that knows the business inside out. Talk to Avery Restaurant Consulting! (617-970-8566)

Is your restaurant business struggling? Are your marketing efforts falling flat?

Avery Restaurant Consulting can help your restaurant with marketing support and rebranding services. Now serving clients in Martha's Vineyard! More details at

Find Your Niche

You could be benefitting from the company's expertise in locating, engaging, and retaining new customers in a fiercely competitive field. The consulting services help you identify your niche offerings and focus your marketing efforts on building a core customer base.

Monetize That Menu!

With decades of experience in the restaurant business, the Avery team brings a fresh perspective on business conceptualization. As part of detailed discussions with you and your team, they can identify growing food trends in your locale and assess if your current concept is outdated and could be improved. From the rising demand for healthy, sustainable, and locally sourced food to the popularity of outdoor eating, Avery helps you rebrand your offerings to monetize evolving public tastes.

“Avery Consulting come in and help your group, giving you the tools and knowledge on how and who to reach,” a spokesperson says. “Social media is an amazing tool, but can be slightly overbearing. We can set you up for success and reach the crowd you need to move forward.”

Assess The Competition

The consulting team studies your competition, offering suggestions that will help you stand out from other businesses. By identifying unique marketing angles, promotion through social media and other channels can deliver much greater results, increased traffic, and ultimately more diners.

Seasonal Strategies

Avery helps you adapt your approach depending on the season. In the warmer temperatures of summer, for example, you could take advantage of the abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables and focus your marketing efforts on promoting farm-to-table produce. Hot weather also opens up possibilities for original, creative drinks ideas from craft cocktails to old favorites with a seasonal twist.

The summer sees an increase in people eating out which creates an opportunity for you to attract new customers. Garnering positive reviews from diners is an effective marketing tool by itself and Avery suggests a variety of ways to encourage this from redesigning your website, deploying follow-up email campaigns, and offering incentives for reviewers to interacting with posts and comments online.

Get a bigger bite of the market with Avery Restaurant Consulting!

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