Marketing Automation Software Converts More Leads With All-In-One CRM For SMBs

Feb 21, 2024

Want to find the best CRM for your small business to take your marketing efforts to the next level? You need to try HighLevel!

Are you tired of manually tracking leads, engaging prospects, and closing sales? As your small business grows, it's increasingly important to use automation to help you scale efficiently.

With HighLevel, you get access to cutting-edge tools that can supercharge your marketing efforts. The software allows you to connect with leads as part of a multi-channel follow-up approach, with options for phone connect, voicemail drops, SMS, email communication, and Facebook Messenger.

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All your needs covered in one easy-to-use platform

The platform was designed to cater to every business lead generation need, with landing pages and surveys for lead capture, automatic messaging for nurturing prospects, and payment tools, appointments, and analytics for closing sales.

Christine Seale, the CEO of NerdLevel, has recently integrated HighLevel into her business. “It’s been a complete game-changer for me,” she says. “We’ve built out a whole business around HighLevel now. We’ll never go back.”

Industry research from SuperCoconut shows that 96% of marketers now use automation platforms. As more small businesses realize the power of marketing automation, analysts predict the market will double in size between 2023 and 2027. HighLevel is positioning itself to meet the growing demand from SMBs looking to improve lead conversion rates.

No more duct-taping multiple apps together

HighLevel works as a unified platform that eliminates the need for multiple systems, apps, or services. You can create targeted text communication campaigns, schedule appointments automatically, host membership portals with unlimited video, and manage the entire pipeline - all from one dashboard.

The software enables you to configure meeting booking forms which prospective leads can use to schedule consultations and demos instantly - a level of automation that removes manual back-and-forth while also providing tracking to determine messaging effectiveness.

Membership spaces allow you to reduce churn and increase retention through community portals. You can quickly build customized areas with gated content, discussion forums, dynamic segmentation tools, and more.

The software provides visualization of every lead and opportunity, from initial outreach to close. With adjustable columns and views, you can understand bottlenecks and identify areas for improvement at each stage of the pipeline, allowing you to optimize your entire sales strategy for better results.

A spokesperson states: “Join thousands of other marketers to learn how they’re being successful and growing their agency with HighLevel, and how you can do the same too.”

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