Manitoba Seniors Choosing Overdentures To Improve Bite Force & Ability To Chew

Feb 1, 2023

If you’re a Winnipegger who is constantly having troubles with your dentures, book a free consultation with a Denturist at Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre (204-589-6329) to learn about denture implants and the advancements being made in the denture realm.

Manitoba Seniors Choosing Overdentures To Improve Bite Force & Ability To Chew

It used to be that getting dentures was a daunting thought. People worried dentures would be uncomfortable, or that dentures would prevent them from enjoying their favourite foods, or, worst of all, they worried they'd be in the middle of a good story or at the dinner table with family and their dentures would slip out. While not all conventional proper fitting dentures are this way, the only real solution to loose dentures ( especially a loose lower denture) is dental implants.

Fortunately, with the arrival of dental implants, all these concerns are a thing of the past. And best of all, if you were never all that fond of your natural teeth - your smile is fully customizable!

Denture implants are a practical and convenient solution to an old problem. Instead of being bonded to your mouth with a sticky adhesive, denture implants attach to the jawbone with posts that mimic the root of the tooth over which a new beautiful smile will sit that will offer Support, Retention, and Stability.

Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre in Winnipeg are specialists in these implants, and digitally fabricated teeth as well. Reach out to learn more about a more secure and comfortable denture option that improves your bite and can last many years with proper maintenance and care.

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Implants are tiny screw-like posts that are fixed to the jawbone to anchor a dental prosthesis. The denture would then attach to the posts to replace several or all-natural missing teeth on an arch. Overdentures can improve a client’s bite, speech, and their ability to chew.

Those who are missing several teeth can consult with Minuk Denture clinic to learn whether they’re best suited to an overdenture or a denture without implants. There are a few options for replacing a full arch of teeth. These options would include a Bar Retained Over- Denture, Ball/Locator Retained Over-Denture, or, an All-on-4 or teeth in a day implant solution. Dental implants are a significant advancement in denturism that offers a number of benefits that can’t be equaled by conventional dentures. These include the maintenance of neighboring teeth, transmission of force to the jawbone instead of to the teeth or gums, and the prevention of bone loss. Unlike conventional dentures and bridges, overdentures will not require the need for denture adhesive and, with proper oral care, could last many years.

Since overdentures are secured by implants, they can absorb more pressure and offer an increased bite force, which in turn gives an individual the freedom to enjoy difficult-to-chew foods. And because they function like a root, they will stimulate the jawbone, preventing further bone loss.

While the cost for dental implants may vary by the practitioner, the Denturists at Minuk Denture Clinic follow the fee guide set out by the Denturist Association of Manitoba for the denture itself. The support staff at Minuk Digital Denture & Implant can assist with pre-authorizing treatments, direct billing, and being a liaison between the client and the insurance company.

The staff at the clinic encourages any denture wearer ready to make the switch to overdentures, especially those having difficulty chewing, who want to learn more about overdentures, to book a free consultation with a knowledgeable Denturist at the clinic.

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