Manifest Properly With The Law Of Assumption & Targeted Brainwave Entrainment

Feb 14, 2022

Magic Mind Meditation is a popular mindset binaural beats YouTube channel. Here, we help train your brain to become a manifestation machine with targeted brainwave entrainment.

Manifest Properly With The Law Of Assumption & Targeted Brainwave Entrainment

2022 is going to be YOUR year! Not only is it a powerful numerological year (2+2+2), but it is also the year that you’ve decided to take your manifestations more seriously! Congratulations!

That is why we want to help you achieve your dreams faster with more powerful binaural beats that’ll shift your mindset from “No, I can’t”, to “Everything is mine”.

Mindset and manifestation coaches now teach a new law that is far more powerful, they say, than the Law of Attraction. Called the Law of Assumption, the universal law describes the feeling that your manifestations are already a reality. Nevertheless, this specific law requires an unwavering belief in the Divine, and one that can be facilitated with the new specific binaural beats carefully crafted by Magic Mind Meditation.  

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You can use the new binaural beats during meditation or manifestation work. The goal is to raise frequencies within your mind to trigger the Law the Assumption. It does this by combining scientifically backed research on brainwave entrainment and binaural beats.

In brainwave entrainment, certain acoustical frequencies are played to induce an altered state. The program prompts your brain to access different areas of itself to synchronize to the external stimulation. While usually done through binaural beats (meaning you hear certain frequencies), brainwave entrainment can also use different stimulation modes such as pulsing lights and electromagnetic fields.

The effect of brainwave entrainment, especially through binaural beats, is a trance-like state or enhanced concentration that provides you with therapeutic benefits. It is particularly recommended for use during meditation when you want to enter into the “zone” and focus on your manifestation.

Mindset coaches suggest listening to binaural beats that specifically trigger the brain to facilitate the Law of Attraction, and eventually enter in the Law of Assumption. Aware of this, we’ve released several new videos on our YouTube channel.

Our latest video uses targeted binaural frequencies and pictures of nature to help you visualize your intended goals. It promotes relaxation so that you have an easier time concentrating and entering into the state of the Law of Assumption.

Another video includes binaural beats to boost your immune system. Here, frequencies are pulsed to trigger your brain to strengthen its connections with other body systems, promoting overall wellness.

We regularly release videos on different binaural beats and brainwave entrainment.

The only thing stopping you from your goals is yourself. Train your brain to become a manifestation machine today! Go to so you can learn more.

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