Malibu Pediatric Dentists Can Reach Google’s 3-Pack With Search Box Optimization

Oct 27, 2023

Stop competing for limited spots on search result pages; it’s a losing battle! My Tooth Media (213-215-5772) will help your dental practice dominate Google’s first page using its proven autocomplete optimization techniques.

So, you’ve tried everything to get your dental practice on Google’s first page, but still no show? It’s time to take out the competition, literally. 

Hold that thought for a moment. Now, remember how every time you enter a query on Google, it usually returns suggested terms to aid your search, yeah? 

What if there’s a way to make your dental practice appear on the autocomplete box as a suggested term, too?

That’s precisely what My Tooth Media does – it positions dentists like yourself in the autocomplete box of Google, YouTube, and Bing, boosting brand awareness and patient inquiries.

You see, the agency’s unique approach to website optimization allows you to bypass competitors since potential patients encounter your brand first while still typing their queries. 

Should they click on your branded phrase in the auto-complete box, your practice will appear in all the ten organic positions available on Google’s first page, taking them out of the picture completely.

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To give you an idea of how massive this can be, an estimated 71% of all queries on Google are initiated using the autocomplete function. 

By appearing as a suggested term, you can leverage this low-cost (compared to traditional SEO and PPC campaigns) yet effective technique to strengthen brand recognition, build industry authority, and ultimately drive qualified leads through the door.

Unlike conventional SEO, autocomplete optimization offers faster and more consistent results, taking 45 days or fewer to become fully operational, and is also not affected by Google algorithm updates, which removes the need for constant optimization.

The agency will work with you to select relevant and profitable keywords that your potential patients use when they search for dentists near them or any type of dental treatment. 

Using the information, the team will strategically optimize your website, sending signals that allow search engines to begin to associate your practice with that particular search term. 

And the best of all, these keywords are exclusively yours – meaning they cannot be sold to another practice. Plus, all of My Tooth Media’s services are offered on a flat-rate basis and come with ongoing support and monthly reporting.

A representative said, “Through autocomplete optimization, your dental practice will be presented as a 'suggested term' to your customers even before they have an opportunity to come across your competition. We can help you seize the advantage of reaching your customers first with autocomplete optimization.”

Don’t compete; dominate – Let the My Tooth Media team help you shine the spotlight on your dental practice.

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