The Best 2020 Online Songwriting Course Helps You Make Money Writing Better Songs

Mar 22, 2020

Check out this new version of Better Songwriting 101 for the complete online training program that will help you write hit songs and kickstart your successful songwriting career!

Writing hit songs is easier than ever with the Better Songwriting 101 online course! Designed for artists, songwriters, music teachers and anyone else interested in writing hit songs, the course offers access to a wide range of resources and training from accomplished music industry leaders. Go to for more info. The newly updated course aims to provide an accessible, self-paced songwriting training course for those looking for an effective way to write better music. Better Songwriting 101 features nine modules covering all the key skills and resources you need to create, edit and record hit songs. You'll get unlimited access to a full range of resources designed to help you improve your songwriting skills. One of the main challenges faced by creators in all fields is the so-called “writer’s block”, the near impossibility to come up with new material. If you ever struggle to pick a topic for a song or to find writing inspiration, the course offers lessons, tips, and tools to conquer this "creativity killer". Better Songwriting 101 teaches you a series of practical strategies to help you generate an ongoing flow on new material and use it as the foundation for potential hit songs. Another important part of the new course is developing successful habits to gradually improve your overall songwriting skills. You'll learn effective ear training methods, develop essential skills to avoid unproductive songwriting sessions, and prevent potentially fatal pitfalls for your modern songwriting career. Finally, the course also includes a practical method to record high-quality demos and successfully pitch new songs. Unlike other songwriting courses, Better Songwriting 101 is developed by successful modern musicians and is completely adapted to the real world needs of today’s artists. This means you won't have to waste your time studying songwriting strategies that haven't worked since The Beatles! A satisfied participant said: “This course exposes the unseen truth about songwriting, the music industry, and how to actually succeed as a musician today, not yesterday… I’ve never felt more prepared to take my ability and career to the next level!” Click on the link above or visit to get started today!
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