Improve Your Songwriting & Lyric Design With Help From A Grammy Nominated Artist

May 4, 2021

Are you an aspiring artist, or a musician wanting to elevate your songwriting? Then this new training course from Music Row 411 is ideal!

Music Row 411 has updated a training program for aspiring songwriters and artists of all experience levels. Whether you want to write better lyrics or improve your writing craft, the course can help.

You can learn from a Grammy nominated musician and improve the core elements of your craft. Take the course at your own pace and improve your songwriting today!

The songwriting course offers insight and training on how to improve writing craft, with real-world education for indie artists looking to write better lyrics.

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New artists, aspiring singer/songwriters and musicians often wonder how to write good lyrics, and what makes a song good. While there are numerous unknown elements that go into popular music, great songwriting can be taught.

Music Row 411 was created as a go-to resource for songwriters, musicians, and aspiring artists. The team behind the project include Grammy nominated musician Beth Raebeck Hall, and Justin T.W. Hall.

They have extensive years of professional experience in the music and entertainment industry. Throughout this experience, they have gathered the scoop on all things music, and learned what separates a song from the competition.

In Better Songwriting 101, anyone can learn the essentials for improving their songwriting in just two weeks. Participants can learn at their own pace, with expert guidance from Beth in the songwriting capital of the world: Nashville, Tennessee.

Participants will learn about the secrets of successful writers and musicians, and can learn from real-world examples. They will also develop their preparation skills, and learn the habits the pros use to streamline their writing process.

With streaming making it easier than ever for artists to get their songs noticed, great writing rises to the top. This is where the new course can help musicians of all levels.

Students will gain an accurate assessment of the industry and their own skills. They can also grow their abilities with tried and tested songwriting techniques.

The course creators state: “Whether you’re writing just for your own enjoyment or in the serious pursuit of professional publication, you’ll get the insider information you need to start crafting better tunes and writing better songs in no time!”

Full details of the new program can be found at:

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