Make Feminine Cleansing & Odor Control Easier With This Chemical-Free Solution

Apr 8, 2020

Do you want to make vaginal cleansing and feminine hygiene easier to manage? Then check out Gem Mate from BETR Blends today!

Many women feel self conscious about feminine odor and excess vaginal discharge. If that makes you feel anxious you don’t have to worry, because BETR Blends has the ideal solution.

They have launched a new vaginal cleansing product called the Gem Mate, which can provide a natural cleanse. The chemical-free hygiene solution removes excess discharge, and allows customers to cleanse thoroughly post intercourse.

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The newly launched product is quick and easy to use, and puts you in charge of your own hygiene. For those seeking the best products for natural feminine hygiene, it offers a direct solution.

Customers can use the Gem Mate to cleanse after the menstrual cycle, cleanse after intercourse, and remove excess discharge. It’s a fully reusable, safe, feminine wash that thoroughly cleanses the vagina.

Gem Mate provides 360-degree cleaning, with absolutely no chemicals to worry about. It can be reused continually, but should be replaced every 60 to 90 days.

If you’re looking for the ideal solution to help with feminine odor and discharge, Gem Mate can help. It’s a natural feminine wash that cleanses the vagina with water.

BETR Blends was launched to help customers find better options for natural and toxic-free products. They are on a quest to create products of the highest quality that are consciously crafted.

Now customers can find the ideal solution to their feminine cleansing needs. Although the vagina is designed to keep itself clean, many women deal with excess discharge and feel self conscious about feminine odor.

Washing the vagina can help to combat excess discharge and free customers from the worry of unwanted odor. The vagina can be washed every day with water, and Gem Mate makes this process easier than ever. Customers can buy the product safe in the knowledge that it’s safe and free from harmful chemicals.

The company states: “We are conscious about the foods we eat, it’s also time to be conscious about the chemicals and toxins we invite into our homes and put onto our skin. BETR options are available. Be BETR to your skin.”

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