Louisville, CO 5-Star Rated Family Dental Center Offers Biocompatible Fillings

Mar 4, 2024

Looking for the healthiest dental care for your family? Studio Z Dental’s (303-802-4313) treatments not only promote healthy teeth but also a healthier you.

As advocates for minimally invasive procedures and non-toxic, biocompatible materials, Studio Z Dental understands that oral health is intricately connected to overall well-being. With treatments ranging from cleaning to natural-looking restorations and surgical services, this Louisville holistic dentist is the number one choice to keep your family’s oral health in top shape!

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A Mercury-Free Zone

If you need a tooth filling, Studio Z Dental offers composite options that are free from mercury, BPA, and other harmful substances. Made from a resin mixture of plastic and glass, the cavity repair solutions offer high biocompatibility and are free from common allergens.

Due to their color-matching properties, the composites blend in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth. Their aesthetic appeal makes them ideal for high-visibility areas and ensures that children and teenagers won’t feel self-conscious about their smiles!

Unlike amalgam fillings, composite alternatives bond directly to your tooth structure. This enhances stability and ensures that your filling becomes an integral part of your tooth. It also means that less enamel needs to be removed during placement, helping to preserve overall tooth strength.

Bioceramic Dental Restorations

Studio Z Dental covers the full spectrum of family dentistry from basic cleanings to complex procedures, including mercury filling removal. In line with its focus on whole-body health, the clinic offers bioceramic restorations for crowns, bridges, or veneers. Also used to fabricate inlays and onlays, these materials are known to protect teeth pulp and preserve their vitality.

Personalized Holistic Dental Care

If you need periodontal care, the practice creates personalized treatment plans that can include nutritional supplements and plant-based, gluten-free rinses in addition to deep cleaning, scaling, and root planning. Other services include bruxism and TMJ treatment, custom athletic mouthguards, and oral cancer screening.

A Health Conscious Environment

Studio Z Dental utilizes digital X-rays and 3-D cone beam scans to minimize radiation exposure during diagnosis. For patients who are not comfortable with even low doses of radiation, CariVu caries detection technology is offered. An air ionizer purification system is also used throughout the practice.

Studio Z Dental provides a comprehensive suite of ethical, sustainable, and gentle dental care services for the whole family. With patient comfort as its priority, the 5-star rated clinic offers Netflix viewing and a DVD library in its waiting room.

A satisfied patient said: “Our family has been going to Studio Z Dental for over 10 years. We have always been impressed by both the medical personnel and the office staff. The team runs very efficiently and is very accommodating of our special needs. They are second to none.”

Studio Z Dental’s holistic approach, emphasis on overall health, and personalized care make them the best choice for all your family’s dental needs!

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