Los Angeles Poetry Party Favors Are Idea For Winter 2022 Holiday Events

Nov 22, 2022

Los Angeles events are in for a fun vintage twist, as the party poetry people at Haikuists prepare their typewriters for this holiday season in Southern California.

Los Angeles Poetry Party Favors Are Idea For Winter 2022 Holiday Events

Have you gotten bored of the same, worn-out acts at every party? It often feels like entertainment and activities are contrived more to fill awkward silences than to provide an event with any genuinely memorable experiences. Thankfully, the talented poets at Haikuists have finally brought their unforgettable party favors to the golden coast. Now operating in sunny LA and Oceanside California, this delightfully intimate new take on party entertainment is here to liven up everything from corporate events to weddings with its uniquely personal touch.

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From its humble beginnings as “Poetry at Parties,” the company has gone through a remarkable transformation to deliver the class act that Haikuists is now, offering their engaging service with a stylish, vintage charm that can enliven any setting.

The isolation of the past two years has left us craving connection and company more than ever, which is precisely what Haikuists is bringing to events of every kind. While traditional entertainment keeps its distance, showing us something without inviting us in, Haikuists’ poetry is born out of conversation with each individual guest.

The job of every one of Haikuists’ poets is to engage you in a brief, friendly conversation, and then turn that interaction into a haiku before your very eyes! While some might fear that poetry is too arcane to serve as accessible entertainment, this simple poetic form is designed to cut through the pretense of typical party banter, presenting each guest with an authentic, meaningful portrait of their encounter.

These mementos can be funny, insightful, or heartwarming, each tailored to your unique experience with the poet. Where most gatherings can offer little more than trinkets and superficial small talk, Haikuists strives to provide “a photo booth for your soul,” so that every guest can leave feeling seen, heard, and appreciated.

Although these personalized poems are the company’s primary service, they also provide an undeniable air of sophistication with their three-piece suits and vintage typewriters. These affable poets leave you feeling both dignified and at ease as they capture the ephemeral moment with their carefully honed craft. Such attention to detail has garnered Haikuists a reputation for the ambiance they supply to any room, as much as for the poems.

When discussing the impact of their service, a spokesperson for Haikuists shared how meaningful a gift poetry can be, reminiscing that “upon receipt, they laugh, cry, hug us, tell their friends to come over, tattoo their haiku on their bodies (yes, we have like six so far), frame it, and the list goes on.”

To organize your own unforgettable experience, visit https://haikuists.com and discover what a personal haiku could mean to you!

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