Los Angeles, CA Events Get Haiku Poetry Performers For Unique Parting Gifts

Jun 16, 2022

If you want to make your next summer event an instant success, you need Los Angeles’ Haikuists (+1-213-633-7380) and their one-of-a-kind personalized poetry party favors.

Los Angeles, CA Events Get Haiku Poetry Performers For Unique Parting Gifts

Your party is good,

But it could be way better,

With party haikus.

At least, that’s what the Haikuists think. If the last time you read a haiku was in grade nine English lit class, the Haikuists are here to show you that haikus have a new lease on life and can bring a lot of life to your next party.

The creative collective is dubbing their new service ‘like a photobooth for the soul’. Guests at your event will have the opportunity to tell their experienced, published poets anything they want. Then, the poets will turn that into a personalized haiku that your guests will be able to take home with them.

Go to https://haikuists.com to find out more.

As the Los Angeles party and event scene goes back into full swing for the first post-Covid summer, the organization knows that party planners like yourself are looking for new ways to captivate and entertain your guests, and to truly surprise them with something innovative and memorable.

The Haikuists understand that in the city, appearance is everything. As such, their master wordsmiths also dress the part, attending events in vintage-inspired three-piece suits. The sociable and charismatic writers type your guests’ haikus on genuine vintage typewriters, capturing the energy of a young J. D. Salinger or F. Scott Fitzgerald.

More than just the novelty of a take-home haiku, they will offer your event and guests an in-the-moment poetry performance. As their head writers happily attest, the haikus often lead to hugs, tears, and laughs, and end up in frames as treasured memorabilia. Sometimes, they even get turned into tattoos.

The entertainers believe that their services are suitable for your next corporate event, conference event, gala event, and/or luxury event. They also work at personal events like weddings and large-scale parties.

Understanding that party favors can really set the tone of your event and shape the way that it is remembered by your guests, they believe personalized haikus are a new experience in the LA scene like no other.

The Haikuists have been delivering haikus at writers’ festivals across the country and at East Coast events since 2012. Their work has been contracted by multinational corporations like Bloomberg, Google, Airbnb, and IBM and featured in popular magazines like The New York Post and Cosmopolitan. They are excited to now be operating in Los Angeles, the city of dreams.

A reviewer for Wanderlust said, “The Haikuists remind us of the power of words, our desire for love, and the importance of face-to-face connection in our screen-obsessed world.”

For a dream party,

A photobooth for the soul,

Is the perfect way.

Visit https://haikuists.com to see how the Haikuists can make your party or event one to remember.

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