Looking For Sustainable Red Meat? This Kangaroo Snack Has A Low Carbon Footprint

Apr 9, 2021

Red Hot Roo is providing sustainable Kangaroo Jerky snacks. The snacks are made using less water than other red meat and have a lower carbon footprint.

Play your part in saving the planet, lower your carbon emissions, and enjoy a healthy, tasty treat when you buy Red Hot Roo’s Kangaroo Jerky Snacks!

Red Hot Roo, a snack food company based in New South Wales that produces sustainably farmed Australian cuisine, has updated its Kangaroo Jerky Snacks.

Go to https://redhotroo.com.au for more info.

The range includes two varieties of Kangaroo Jerky that have been made sustainably in a way that supports the environment. The company explains that Kangaroo meat production uses less water than other types of animal meat production and that the snacks are both healthy and low carbon footprint.

Compared to other animals, such as dry beef cattle and adult sheep, Kangaroos need around 91 litres to produce one kilo of meat. In comparison, dry beef cattle require 300 litres of water to produce one kilo of meat, and adult sheep need 11 litres a day.

The snacks also have lower carbon emissions than other meat-based snacks. Globally, meat production is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, but Kangaroo meat is a more sustainable red meat alternative. The company says kangaroo meat produces around 0.003 tonnes of CO2 per year, compared to cattle which produce 1.67 tonnes, and sheep which produce 0.14 tonne.

Unlike other animals, kangaroos also produce less methane gas, a substance that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Per year, one kangaroo will produce around 6.5 litres of greenhouse gasses, compared to cattle who produce between 250 and 500 litres per day.

Each snack comes in a 60g serving size and has been handcrafted. The Mild variety features a peppery, slightly smoky flavour, while extra chilies and spices have been added to the Hot variety to give it more heat.

Steve, a previous customer, says, “I absolutely love this Roo jerky. Great flavour and just the right texture. Once you open a pack you just can’t stop! Great to see a sustainable jerky alternative to beef on the market. Only wish it came in kilo packs! I love this stuff.”

Red Hot Roo is a sustainable food company that’s run by four passionate foodies and best friends. They pride themselves on making Australia’s best low fat and sustainable Kangaroo Jerky snacks and are helping to provide more environmentally conscious snack choices.

Are you ready to eat more sustainably?

For more information on Red Hot Roo and their updated Kangaroo Jerky snacks visit https://redhotroo.com.au

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