Looking For Some Encouragement? Listen To Pierre Williams’ Single “In Trouble”

Apr 13, 2021

Pierre Williams’ new song “In Trouble” was created to encourage you during every season of life!

Have troubles got you down? Pierre Williams’ newly released song “In Trouble” contains the inspiration to help you weather the storm!

Pierre Williams, a singer also known as Saint Pierre, has recently launched a new single “In Trouble.” The song was created to give you encouragement. It’s targeted at all ages and for every season of life. Pierre’s music, including his latest single, is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and all streaming formats. In addition, his music video for the newly released song “Live On” is on YouTube.

Go to https://pierrewilliams.hearnow.com/in-trouble for more information!

The new single was written and launched in response to the difficulties of 2020 such as the global pandemic, lockdowns, and resulting economic uncertainty. The singer aims to use the song to create a message of hope and encouragement.

Pierre is described as a “singer, songwriter, and psalmist with a heart for making music that heals.” He is currently working on the music video for the new single and recording his next album.

As the creation of his album is underway, he is also working on his “Live On Campaign” which aims to provide help and resources for teenagers and adults who are struggling with thoughts of suicide or self harm.

A spokesperson for the singer stated, “The song “In Trouble” was written in response to the tumultuous year 2020 was for the entire world. It reminds you that trouble may surround you, but you are not alone. There is an anchor to hold onto in the middle of uncertainty and that anchor will help you weather any storm. Pierre feels it is vitally important to keep pouring out what God has given him so younger generations are equipped to keep loving, keep living, and keep fighting for social justice long after he’s gone.”

Ready to hear your new favorite song?

Go to https://pierrewilliams.hearnow.com/in-trouble for the inspiration you need!

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