Looking For A Liberal Bias-Free ChatGPT Alternative? Try This Uncensored Chatbot

Sep 14, 2023

Rolling your eyes every time you see ChatGPT’s responses to political or communist questions? You know you won’t get a straight answer, so why not switch to Gippr?

Need a bulletproof response to an absurd claim like “real communism has not been tried”? Well, you won’t find a direct or even a factual answer from ChatGPT.

Go ahead. Try it.

If you need help owning the libs—or just a clear-cut answer to questions about history or politics that does not exude liberal bias—you need to switch to Gippr.

Virtual World Computing, LLC, the developer of the free-speech browser TUSK, is introducing a chatbot powered by generative AI capable of providing answers that align with conservative values. The chatbot is integrated into the TUSK search engine, which you can access using any web browser.

Check it out at https://tuskbrowser.com/

In August, the Washington Post reported the findings of a study conducted by a team of researchers in the UK, showing that ChatGPT has a liberal bias—no surprise there. According to the researchers, there is “robust evidence” that the generative AI has exhibited a “significant and systematic political bias” toward groups like the Democrats.

This is a worrying trend because all indicators point to the unimpeded rise in the use of generative AI tools globally, and yet users are unaware that the answers they are getting, particularly in matters pertaining to politics, are representing only one side.

Luckily for you, Gippr offers a way to form more informed opinions, as it presents a side of the political landscape that will never be discussed fairly by these mainstream tools.

Much like the TUSK browser, Gippr is the result of extensive modifications to existing language models, enabling it to offer responses based on conservative values and beliefs. Part of the modifications made by Virtual World Computing is removing any means of collecting personal data or tracking users.

Gippr can be accessed through the TUSK browser, which you can download for free for both Android and iOS. It can also be accessed via any web browser by visiting https://tusksearch.com/

The TUSK project, which now includes a browser, search engine, and chatbot, is the brainchild of entrepreneur and free speech advocate Jeff Bermant. No stranger to issues pertaining to internet privacy and censorship, Mr. Bermant’s first foray into censorship-free web browsing was with the Cocoon Browser, a private browser he launched in 2019.

You know that no amount of prompt engineering will make ChatGPT say something that will go against its liberal programming. So stop wasting your time and switch to Gippr now!

Try it now at https://tuskbrowser.com/gippr/

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