Long Island Thermography Clinic Offers Private Practices Remote Thyroid Scans

Sep 18, 2023

Looking for a diagnostic tool for thyroid conditions? Thermography Solutions’ (+1-516-676-0200) infrared technology can conduct a full-body scan that may reveal abnormal heat around the thyroid gland and symptoms in other areas of the body.

The symptoms of an underactive thyroid are pretty pervasive. Your patients may be experiencing tiredness, unusual sensitivity to cold, weight gain, constipation, depression, and muscle cramps, among other symptoms. Not a pretty picture, to be sure.

Thermography Solutions’ full-body infrared scanning technology can give you and your patients a full picture of their health – even if it isn’t a pretty one. But, in this case, ignorance certainly is not bliss. It's better for both of you to be sure whether or not the patient has a thyroid condition than to continue struggling with the symptoms.

That’s why Thermography Solutions offers remote full-body scanning services to Long Island private practices like yours. Now your patients can enjoy the preventative and diagnostic benefits of this non-invasive technology without having to sign into another clinic. Thermographic scans can detect abnormal temperatures in the thyroid gland, which may be (but hopefully aren't) a sign of gland malfunction.

Learn more about this cutting-edge infrared scanning technology at https://www.kristineblanche.com/thermography

If your patients want to gauge their overall state of health, Thermography Solutions can help them out there, too. Their full-body thermographic scanning services can capture internal images of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, and back to check for abnormal temperatures and potential inflammation in these areas. Your female patients can receive annual breast studies as well.

Thermography has been in use as an adjunctive breast cancer screening procedure since 1982, when it was certified by the American Medical Association. This diagnostic technology uses an infrared camera and a computer program to process images of certain areas of the body to detect exceptional heat that may signal inflammation and, potentially, disease.

Following their scan, your patient will receive a report with a full set of images and an interpretation of those images by a certified medical doctor with specialty training in thermography. The report is intended to track possible functional changes in the main areas of the body.

If thyroid issues are detected in your patient's scan, they can discuss the results with you and/or with Thermography Solutions' leader, Dr. Kristine Blanche, and learn how thyroid health impacts their overall well-being. She may be able to recommend certain dietary changes or wellness programs hosted by Thermography Solutions that can help improve their thyroid health.

About Thermography Solutions:

Thermography Solutions is headed by Dr. Kristine Blanche as part of her Integrative Healing Center. Dr. Blanche has a 25-year career spanning many medical fields, but she is most passionate about integrative medicine. She is the creator of The Blanche Breast Cancer Prevention Protocol and two detox programs, The Man Up Detox and The Girlfriend Cleanse. Her work has been featured on NBC News Radio, iHeart Radio, Medium, US News & World Report, Refinery29, and many other healthcare media venues.

“I’ve been seeing Kristine Blanche since March of 2015,” one happy client said. “At the first visit, I was so impressed with her knowledge and compassion. The office is beautiful, and the staff is friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Integrative Healing Center!”

If you're serious about investing in diagnostic technology for patients who believe they may have thyroid issues, Thermography Solutions has efficient, effective tools that can get the job done. But don't delay - if left untreated, thyroid malfunction can lead to serious conditions like Graves' disease or Hashimoto's disease. Thermography Solutions can give your patients an accurate picture of their current state of health and offer holistic, preventive strategies to get them where they want to be.

Get started today at https://www.kristineblanche.com/thermography

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