London, UK Digital Marketing Agency Notifies Local Customers Of Special Deals

Aug 25, 2021

Looking to inform local customers about your business or organisation? Call Tenfold Growth (+44-20-3695-9315) today to find more about their custom geofencing strategies!

Always notify nearby shoppers about the special deals your business offers – call the London digital marketing company to get the expert geofencing solutions you need!

The agency is now creating comprehensive campaigns using cutting-edge GPS technology to virtually inform your potential clients of your services and offers.

You can find out more at 

Tenfold Growth can now create and execute effective geofencing strategies using the latest advances in the digital marketing field to distribute time and location-specific push notifications for you. 

Rather than broadly targeting your region or city, this new marketing method has been created to draw in local customers who are more likely to spend money on your goods and services within your niche location.

Specifically, geofencing works to notify your potential customers through their mobile devices when they are in range of your designated location, informing them of your special deals, discounts, or events. 

Moreover, it uses intelligent advertising technology, such as push notifications that target event attendees, that can allow you to disrupt the market and surpass your industry competitors.

This is ideal if you are a business owner in the food and service industry who wants to draw greater footfall into your brick-and-mortar premises through your online site. Most importantly, the Tenfold Growth team knows how to utilise these targeted push notifications effectively in order to retain your customers rather than deter them.

By targeting leads with relevant, professional campaigns and information about your deals and offers, they can help consolidate your brand legitimacy and attract returning customers. 

The professional digital marketing company is based in London, but caters to small and medium-sized businesses all over the globe.

They are dedicated to helping you expand your customer base by creating and deploying industry-proven marketing techniques designed to maximise your online visibility.

The Tenfold Growth team is trained in using a combination of promotion and ranking methods to help you convert more leads into sales and push for higher revenue. In addition to their new geofencing services, the firm can offer you support with video marketing, SEO, social media branding, and eCommerce.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Any and every kind of business can use Geofencing to attract clients and customers with a wide range of messages that will inform them of services, products and events.”

Call Tenfold Growth today at +44-20-3695-9315 to start working on your professional geofencing campaign!

Visit so you can find out more!

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