Live Trading Room For Struggling Day Traders: Watch Pros Trade In Real Time

Oct 11, 2023

More problems than profits in the stock market these days? It doesn’t have to be that way! Join My Investing Club’s amazing trading education platform for an inspiring, engaging, and fun way to learn the ins and outs of a day trading career.

Still paper trading? Want to make the leap to live trading but need someone to show you the ropes? You'll find this and a whole lot more at My Investing Club – a home from home for aspiring day traders!

If you're struggling in the markets, MIC's flagship mentorship program, community chatroom, and new interactive live trading room are exactly what you need! You can access a full suite of innovative training tools and connect with professional traders to learn the foundational techniques for consistent profits.

Are you ready to take your trading to the next level? Step up in style with My Investing Club. More details at

Arm yourself with analytical skills and proven processes to become self-sufficient. The new live trading feature gives you the chance to watch professionals trade in real time. With a running commentary from the coaches, you can get inside the minds of elite-level traders to inform your future practice.

MIC founders Bao Nguyen and Alex Temiz were inspired to create a hub of practical resources for new traders, having found a dearth of such opportunities when they were learning their craft. The pair saw an opportunity to give others the kind of education that was lacking in their formative trading years. Now you can benefit from all that hard-won wisdom!

Built around its busy chatroom – a global community of fellow trading enthusiasts – MIC provides a space for you to connect with traders of all skill levels – to swap tips, share experiences, and find inspiration during difficult career moments. If you subscribe to the mentorship program, you are given exclusive access to a panel of experts for one-to-one coaching and reviews of your trades.

MIC's mentorship offering provides access to its teaching cohort. Reach out seven days a week via voice call or direct messaging and connect with your assigned professional – simple! Subscription fees start at just $3,995 for one year.

The live trading room feature is available for just $99 for the first month if you're among the first 100 people to subscribe.

All of this is augmented by weekly webinars with live market recaps, daily watchlists, regular Q&As, and access to MIC's video encyclopedia which contains an exhaustive list of day trading resources and tutorials.

A spokesperson says, “The reason 90% of traders fail is improper education. Trading is by no means a get-rich-quick endeavor, but with proper education and hard work, it is possible to achieve a life of freedom and abundance. Our members prove that every day.”

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Trust the process and watch your profits soar. Sign up with My Investing Club now!

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