Live In Sobriety & Joy With IOP Rehab, Mental Health Treatments In Freehold, NJ

Nov 15, 2023

While there’s no magic cure for addiction and mental health-related issues, there is help. At Relevance Recovery (866-245-1497) in Freehold, NJ, the team offers effective rehab treatment through Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) designed to put you on the path to recovery.

The world can be a rough place, especially for the more sensitive souls among us and those who suffer from a mental health disorder, like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.)

People grappling with these issues (especially those who've gone undiagnosed) are often not adequately equipped to handle life's conflicts and stressful situations, leaving many to find their escape in alcohol and/or drugs.

Before long, this habit of self-medicating quickly progresses into a serious substance abuse issue. Without the right kind of help, someone who once had all the potential in the world can suddenly find themselves messing up their relationships, their job, and facing what can feel like a very bleak future.

If you're struggling with a substance abuse problem, and you've been diagnosed with a mental health disorder or you're sure you must be battling anxiety, depression, ADHD, or something that's preventing you from enjoying the quality of life you know you deserve, you're probably suffering from a co-occurring disorder.

Co-occurring disorder, or Dual Diagnosis, are interchangeable terms used to describe substance abuse problems that are compounded by an underlying mental health issue.

If this sounds like you, it's important to know your condition is not your fault. Just like no one wishes for diabetes, no one wishes for a mental health disorder or a substance abuse problem.

The experts at Relevance Recovery understand, and they're here to help. Take the first steps toward healing by seeking treatment through their Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) which provides rehab for mental health disorders compounded by addiction.

IOP services at Relevance Recovery provide you with evidence-based holistic, integrative, and multidisciplinary supports and therapies where you can live at home while you continue treatment.

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Of the 20.3 million adults struggling with substance abuse, close to 40% will also have an underlying mental disorder. Similarly, of the 42.1 million adults with a known mental illness, close to 20% will struggle with substance addiction. Turns out, these conditions are closely intertwined.

The team at Relevance Recovery are specialists in providing the personalized, intensive, and supportive outpatient treatment you need. Together with you, they'll develop a plan you can put to work in your daily life so you can work through your unique triggers realistically, and step by step.

“Most of our patients struggle with both a substance abuse disorder and a mental health disorder. Neglecting to address mental health during a patient’s recovery is equivalent to ignoring the full complexities of their addiction. We draw on modern advances in outpatient rehab supports and holistic strategies that put our clients on the path to wellness and sobriety.”

The clinicians at Relevance Recovery warn that mental illness and addictions are not static - they don’t simply stop at a certain point of severity. On the contrary, mental health disorders and addictions often progress until an individual "hits rock bottom” and decides to seek treatment, or the person succumbs to continued substance abuse compounded by an accompanying decline in their mental health.


Dual diagnosis IOP treatment at Relevance Recovery provides you with the specific and expert care you need to address and overcome your struggles with substance abuse and to put you on the path toward mental wellness.

In addition to traditional therapies, clinicians incorporate complementary treatments that can include:

  • equine therapy,
  • yoga,
  • music therapy,
  • meditation,
  • massage therapy, and,
  • biofeedback therapy.

They work with most major insurance carriers so you can look forward to a personalized, holistic treatment plan that includes the things you find most comforting and soothing as you embark on your journey back to you.

With the availability of a rigorous IOP at Relevance Recovery, you'll receive the evidence-based, personalized treatment you deserve.

Your addiction and your mental health do not exist in a vacuum, and neither should your treatment plan. The team at Relevance Recovery believes in treating the whole person. This is the best way to ensure a transformative recovery process for a healthier, happier you.

Are you ready to turn the page on your struggles? Get in touch now, at They are standing by and ready to help.

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