LIPSAX Lipstick Brand Has Limited Edition Liquid Shades Tested By Influencers

Jul 23, 2021

Stay ahead of the trends with LIPSAX’s Liquid Matte Lipstick! Contact the makeup brand today to view their collection of fashionable lipstick shades today!

Want to keep up with the latest makeup trends? LIPSAX has this summer’s hottest lipstick shades tested by influencers!

The company has just announced the launch of Selfie, the newest shade of LIPSAX’s Liquid Matte Lipstick. The makeup brand offers a wide range of premium lipstick products made with high-quality pigments. 

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This latest announcement will help you find a high-quality lipstick in a flattering shade – no matter your skin tone or personal style! LIPSAX’s products are also designed for long-lasting wear, and will not rub off throughout the day. 

Each season, LIPSAX uses scientific market research to predict new makeup trends. Starting with over 100 color swatches, the company then selects the 6 most popular shades based on expert analysis of thousands of images from Instagram, TikTok, blogs and more.

The lipsticks are also beta tested by the company’s vast network of makeup artists, enthusiasts and influencers to ensure a high-quality product. When a color appears to be going out of fashion, the company replaces the lipstick with a new, trendy shade.

The makeup brand’s latest shade, Selfie, is a nude pink that suits all skin tones. The product’s high-intensity pigment gives you bold matte lips – perfect for any day or night makeup look!

All of LIPSAX’s lipsticks are nourishing, so you can wear their products without drying out your lips. The product’s creamy texture also allows for a smooth, easy application. 

Besides Selfie, the makeup brand offers its Liquid Matte Lipstick in Climax, Mistress, Scandalous, Foreplay and Undressed. These limited edition shades provide you with the choice between a strong red, burgundy, mauve, berry and nude lipstick. 

The company’s products are cruelty-free and made using safe ingredients. Unlike other makeup brands, LIPSAX does not use formaldehyde, carmine (insects), parabens, phthalates, laurates, sulfates, ethanolamines or polyethylene glycol. 

This is in line with LIPSAX’s commitment to providing clients with high-end lipsticks in the trendiest shades. The company has also developed a strong reputation for its quality products and level of client care, as indicated in its many positive reviews online. 

One satisfied client said: “As a bridal makeup artist, I really like using LIPSAX on my brides. I think Selfie and Foreplay on perfect for wedding makeup. Beautiful natural shades that last through the entire event.” 

LIPSAX are the makeup experts you can rely on to stay on top of the hottest trends! Contact the makeup brand today to find out more about their collection of products!

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