Lion Heating & Air is a New Heating And Air Division in Fort Collins, CO

Oct 28, 2021

Lion Home Service Expands Business With A Heating And Air Division

Lion Heating & Airservices all of Northern Colorado including Windsor, Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, and Longmont. This division is known for being fast and effective while providing quality service that leaves its customers happy and satisfied. Lion Heating & Air is very dedicated to their customers. This dedication is shown through their 24/7 emergency service and hours and their offer of a free quote. Lion Heating & Air also offers veteran, disabled, and senior discounts. They provide experience, trustworthy heating technicians, and affordable services that make their heating and cooling professionals better and more informed than their competitors. Lion Heating & Air is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau, verifying their hard work and success as a company.

Lion Heating & Air is the best company to trust with your heating and air system. They use and install quieter and more energy-efficient AC units and integrate preventative maintenance to ensure that their customers are being well taken care of. All of Lion Heating & Air’s maintenance calls with their customers will typically contain the professional on the line with the customer. These professionals are the ones checking and changing the filters, cleaning the heating and cooling system, performing a full system diagnostic, programming the thermostat,and informing of any potential and upcoming repair work, meaning that they are the best people for customers to talk to on maintenance calls as they are going to be the most knowledgeable.

Not only that, but Lion Heating & Air can fix a variety of issues and problems with their customer’s heating and air systems. Some problems that Lion Heating & Air mention they can help solve are if the heating and cooling system won't turn on, the pilot light is out, strange noises come from the heating and cooling system, the burner doesn’t stay lit for more than three seconds, and if the blower fan never turns on or never turns off. Lion Heating & Air is going to put all of their effort and knowledge into successfully helping their customers with their AC and heating needs.

Give Lion Heating & Air a call today to schedule your routine maintenance or repair work today!

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